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  • Cultural Differences Between Junior And Jin

    INTRODUCTION - ~ THESIS - When evaluating Arnold “Junior” Spirit from Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and Jin Wang from Gene Luen Yang’s American Born Chinese, similarities radiate in both characters as their disparity in race deem the two of them as outcasts in the entirety of society. In addition to their lack of social interactions, their uniformity in their impulsive decisions cost them each a dear friend. Although Junior and Jin are quite similar, they share differences in the way Junior tries bettering himself by fitting into both his Indian and Reardan culture whereas Jin changes himself in every possible way to become Americanized. *** The correspondence between Junior and Jin is detected in both novels…

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  • Stereotypes Of American Born Chinese By Gene Luen Wang's American Born Chinese

    substance. American Born Chinese effectively challenges stereotypes by illustrating stereotypes through out the book as well as creating a character that embodies all of the stereotypes, Chinkee. American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang is a story narrative based on transformation and realization of stereotypes. We are introduced to the main character Jin Wang as he battles his inner insecurities and tries to fit into American culture. Him and his best friend Wei-chen deals with mild racism,…

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  • Compare And Contrast Jin And Junior

    is changing and accepting yourself for who you are. Although transferring to a new school may be inevitable how you handle this experience is what counts in the end. Everyone goes through a series of events that either change your life in a favorable way or unacceptable way when being apart of two cultures. In this case Junior and Jin must both battle with many different problems because they are trying to find an identity while being apart of two different cultures. This affects their lives in…

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  • Born Chinese Stereotypes

    in the book with stereotypes and trying to find one’s place in the community. Hearing a stereotype during class that a professor would make about Mexican heritage and feeling all eyes on me from other students is something that never happened to me before I came to college. Stereotypes do not define what the other culture does or says. Stereotypes will always exist but it depends on how one reacts on them that can make an impact. I did not react to this stereotype because I knew they were no…

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  • Analysis Of The Boxer Rebellion, By Gene Luen Yang

    The Boxer Rebellion began in 1898 in the Qing Dynasty of China. During this rebellion there was an ongoing question of which side was fighting for the more “just” outcome because each had a very different opinion of what justice was. The Boxers were fighting against the British invaders and trying to unify China by ridding it of Christian influence. The foreigners were trying to make money by selling opium to the Chinese. Each side thought the other side is evil but they did not try to…

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  • Stereotypes In American Born Chinese By Gene Luen Yang

    American Born Chinese is a graphic novel by Gene Luen Yang about various characters dealing with stereotypes, and prejudices. Two main characters that seem to struggle with this are the monkey king and Jinn. The monkey king is the king of all monkey's on his island. He is looked at as a god and respected by every monkey on the island. But when he is invited to a dinner party for all the gods, he realizes that nobody else has respect for him. By everyone else he is looked at as a dirty monkey.…

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  • The Hero's Journey In American Born Chinese By Gene Luen Yang

    Do you know who you truly are? That is the question that Gene Luen Yang tries to explain in his graphic novel “American Born Chinese.” The story follows three different characters and their journey to knowing who they are. Each journey is different, but each is linked by the central theme of self identity. These three characters all have to go on a Hero’s Journey. A concept that explains a single character's arc in the story. The Hero’s Journey starts with a call to action. The hero is presented…

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  • Analysis Of Chinese Culture

    When human and all beings are developing over time, the world is also constantly changing. The world has always open to improvements and ideas that can help make it a better one. The world today is shaped by combinations of concepts and ideas gathered from all around the world. Using Plato to Darwin to DNA written by Esther Muehlbauer, different ancient cultures along with its traditions and philosophers will be analyzed in terms of their perspectives and concepts toward the nature and humanity…

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  • The Relationship Between Justice And Vengeance

    Without any justice, there will be vengeance and without any vengeance there wouldn’t be a motivational drive for justice to exist amongst others. The two serve as yin and yang just as god and evil go in the same category as these others, both sides go along with one another and bring out the stand-point of what is needed to be shown throughout a society. Justice keeps people in order and makes sure that whatever happens in a dire situation gets taken care of the right way. Just as God would…

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  • Acupuncture In Traditional Chinese Therapy

    Acupuncture is one of the routes in traditional Chinese therapy. Used to remove pain and some many diseases. Which insert the needles in specific areas of the body. The Chinese philosophy said the acupuncture affects the life strength of the person and insert the needles in the painful areas in the body. The acupuncture is old Chinese medicine practice develop and improve during thousands of years. In the past used sharp stones where inject in the body then development and start using animal…

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