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  • Optometry Personal Statement

    Watching my close relative suffer with strabismus throughout her childhood made me realise how sight deficiency can lead to severe physical and psychological effects in someone. Empathising with her struggles from an early age made me aware of the reliance on our eyesight. Ultimately I was motivated to attend a talk regarding optometry which enhanced my knowledge of the course and gave me a chance to operate optical instruments. Acknowledging my ambition beforehand made me choose A-level subjects related to optometry. I am very passionate about biology as my ability to make connections between what I have learnt and the biological processes that occurs in life, fascinates me. It has provided me with a good foundation for optometry which would…

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  • Importance Of Fiber Optic Communication

    Fiber optic communication systems are light wave systems that employ optical fibers for transmitting information from one point to other through an optical fiber. The driving force behind the widespread use of fiber optic communications is the demand for economic, reliable transmission media that can transmit required information capacity. The transmission capacity of optical fibers has drastically improved over the years. Today, optical communications up to 100 gb/s for several kilometers have…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Equality 7-2521

    so when the Council labels students their profession, he wishes for the Scholar label. Unfortunately the decision didn’t go as planned. After receiving the label of being a street sweeper, Equality 7-2521 finds a tunnel from The Unmentionable Times. This tunnel becomes his “experimentation lab”. In this lab, he re-invents electricity and presents the invention to the Council of Scholars. The Council asks Equality 7-2521 if he made the invention alone. He replied with yes. “‘What is not done…

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  • The Importance Of Fiber Optic Cables

    What is Fiber Optic Cables? Back in the day we used copper wires for our tele-communication and to interconnect throughout the world. However as technology and machines start to grow more powerful, we are forced to put a change in this production of copper wires. The wire density becomes a very critical factor in the modern era, however the limit in size must always result in better performance. Fiber optics proves to be highly effective in its high bandwidth, as it allows on a single fiber to…

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  • Technology Framework Design : Digital Edge Manufacturing Network Infrastructure Plan

    Technology Framework Design In this section, we combine the user domain needs described in Part 1 of this proposal, the physical framework requirements described in Part 2, and the technology selections described in Part 3 to create the final Digital Edge Manufacturing network infrastructure proposal. Choosing the Cabling Used in the Network We considered infrastructure costs, speed, and reliability for cabling and adaptors. Our network employed hybrid type of network sine we use Ethernet cable,…

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  • Importance Of Fiber Optics

    Optical Fibres By Jaydan Fibre optics are wires made of pure strands of glass or plastic spliced together (weaved together). These wires are as thin as strands of hair so their can be millions of them in a fibre optic cable. The wires are in bundles called optical cables and are used to transmit digital information over long distances. Fibre optics can be used for telecommunication, networking, decorations, endoscopy and much more because they are flexible, carry much more information than…

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  • Satellite Communication System Essay

    Patent search US8718477B2E titled “Balloon network with free-space optical communication between super-node balloons and RF communication between super-node and sub-node balloons” by Richard Wayne DEVAUL, Eric Teller, Clifford BIFFLE, and Josh Weaver discloses methods of communication in high altitude using tethered balloons via optical communication and RF communication to a ground station via RF communication (DeVaul, et al., 6 May 2014) . 3. Patent search US 7046934 B2 titled “Optical…

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  • Fiber Optic Sensor Essay

    transmission of optical signal over silica fiber with loss noted potentially below compared to that of coaxial copper cables. Furthermore during any conceivable frequency modulation the losses in optical fibers can be maintained compared to that of the coaxial cable in which the losses increases with baseband modulation frequency because of the skin effect. optical sensor technology is based on measurement of physical quantities according to polarization, spectrum phase or intensity of light…

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  • Ray Of Light Compared To The Interface Between Two Mediums

    A ray of light travels in a straight line. This is true until it passes from one medium (eg. air) into another medium (eg. glass) of a different optical density. When this happens, the ray of light changes speed causing it to bend either towards or away from the normal which is an imaginary line at 90 to the interface between two mediums. This is called refraction. How much it bends depends on the refractive indices of the two mediums which is a ratio of the speed of light in one medium…

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  • Morality And Unpredictable Futures By Steven Johnson

    2.) A: Although life is often filled with chaos and unpredictable futures, I do agree with the author Steven Johnson. I believe that as unpredictable this world is, that we must do our very best to predict to the best of our ability the effects each new innovation may bring. I would never have recognized some of these connections that have been made in this book between two things that could be so different. My favorite one being the air conditioning. The push for the invention of the air…

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