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  • Prescription Drugs Vs Generic Drugs Essay

    Paying for prescription drugs is no longer a problem just for the poor. As the economy continues to struggle, the amount of health insurance benefits are shrinking. Employers are requiring workers to pay more of the costs themselves, and many businesses are dropping health benefits altogether. People are dropping their insurance plans trying to save as much money as they can leaving less customers for insurance companies. The result is that remaining customers have to pay a greater fraction of their drug bills out of pocket. As the prices of prescription drugs continue to skyrocket, brand name medications are becoming more of a burden than a cure putting unneeded stress on people trying to attain good health. Prescription drugs are a leader…

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  • Generic Drugs Case Study

    Soaring price of generic drugs: Depriving consumers from better healthcare Generic drugs prices are rising exponentially with every passing year. Generic drugs are regarded as a boon to mankind not only because they are comparable to their brand counterparts in terms of quality, safety and efficacy but also because they are affordable by all the people irrespective of their financial class. A survey revealed that generic drugs have saved US patient’s 1.3 trillion dollar in past decade. But with…

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  • China's Position In The Global Intellectual Property Market

    exploit, especially since pharmaceutical counterfeiting involves low risk, but high reward. Criminals follow the money and typically counterfeit expensive patented drugs rather than generics. For example, a well-known anti-retroviral triple combination drug regimen costs over $12,000 per year, whereas unlicensed generic companies sell the same drugs in underdeveloped countries for under $200 per year.15 This yields a 60:1 ratio, which attracts counterfeiters. Even worse, contraceptives and…

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  • Drug Pricing Research Paper

    A drug named Daraprim price was raised by 5000%, from $13.50 to $750 per pill. Many cases similar to Daraprim have happened, and a pattern of massive price increase of many life saving drugs by pharmaceutical companies becomes apparent. Expensive drugs had forced patients to make difficult choices, either to cut down basic needs to save money to buy the needed drugs, or to cut down the use of the drugs itself. Americans start blaming drug companies of price gouging and call for drug prices…

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  • Ranbaxy Case Analysis

    companies - Pfizer, Merck, Eli Lilly, Schering-Plough, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Abbott Laboratories accounting for a combined sales exceeding $137 billion. Changing forces within the Industry: The year 2007 saw the industry entering into a new era because of the current model becoming obsolete. The forces that resulting in the changes were: • Pressure on sales due to large number of high revenue drug patents on the verge of expiring over the next five years. Also the drugs in the pipeline…

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  • Natco Pharma Vs Bayer Corporation Case Study

    Bayer Corporation. The decision of this case led to a major change in the patent industry wherein to maintain public health compulsory license was granted to a generic manufacturer. The case mainly involved the issue of granting compulsory license to Natco Pharma on the grounds that Bayer Corporation was not fulfilling the conditions and thus according to section 84 of Indian patent act, Natco is entitle for compulsory licensing. The brief facts of this case are Bayer Corporation was…

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  • Pharmaceutical Companies: A Comparative Analysis

    and the profiteers and distributors of drugs feign ignorance over the corruption of the industry. Unfortunately, these issues are deeply rooted in the history and practices of doctors and pharmaceutical companies. The United States healthcare system needs to be reformed because not only do the underinsured receive secondary treatment due to the Food and Drug Administration standards, but doctors pocket “gifts” from prescription drug companies and those with…

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  • Mekmedco: Case Analysis: Merck-Medco

    Merck realizes that its resources and capabilities are insufficient to rapidly move into the pharmacy management area. Most of its resources are devoted to drug research and development. Christensen states that spinout organizations are appropriate when a separate organization is required when the mainstream organization's values are incapable of devoting resources on the new processes or innovation. 6 Furthermore, he states that spinouts should only be used when a threatening disruptive…

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  • Big Pharma Case Study

    i. As of 2014, Global Pharma sales had reached over a trillion dollars, and they are continuing to climb every year. With the advent of electronic medical records, the era of data driven marketing by Big Pharma has come under several ethical issues. With patient’s data being readily available for purchase by Pharmaceutical companies, their drug reps can pinpoint which doctors to approach, and which drugs they should approach them with. Drug reps generally only approach doctors that write a…

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  • What Makes Biostrath's Success

    Introduction The father of business consulting, Peter Drucker, once said that a business enterprise’s purpose is to create a customer by using two main business functions being marketing and innovation. Walter Strathmeyer, an intellectual German biochemist who founded Biostrath, articulated the brand’s positioning as a leading household name in the pharmaceutical and supplement industry, using the basic functions of marketing and innovation. In this critique, I discuss how Biostrath garnered…

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