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  • Geographical Rights In Honduras Case Study

    shall become part of the domestic legislation of Honduras. The Industrial Property law also protects property and consumers, making it illegal to have unfair competition with regards to geography or face a fine. According to Article No. 170 of Decree 12-99-E, “an act of unfair competition is any act carried out in the course of business or for the purposes of business which offends against the rules of good faith and honest business uses and practices”. In regards to common protection for intellectual property such as being able to obtain a patent, the Honduran law makes no express provisions on these. If another entity uses a trademark without consent will be treated as an act of “unfair competition” and the owners may defend their property rights and their case can be heard by the courts. The Industrial Property law is the only law that protects trademarks and geographical indications (Council…

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  • Locke's Theory Of Intellectual Property Rights And Creative Labour

    Intellectual property rights help to regulate creative labour. They can include, patents for inventions, and trademarks to help protect market share. They can also refer to copyright; ‘literary works (such as novels, poems and plays), films, music, artistic works (e.g. drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures) and architectural design’. Intellectual property rights grant owners exclusive rights. These rights enable them to carry out specific acts, while at the same time, excluding…

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  • Importance Of Supply Chain Management

    Learning Log 2 1. Generic Brands pg. 405 2. Generic Brands- a brand indicating only the product category. 3. I look at generic brands as just something plain and doesn’t have the companies name. For example, when you go to Publix, Publix basically has a generic brand for each product. From garbage bags to bread and even cleaning supplies. Generic brands are usually cheaper, and work just has good as the regular traditional branded products. I know I usually go for generic brands depending on…

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  • Nike Intellectual Property Rights Case Study

    The definition of Intellectual Property Rights is an invention created from a person or company’s idea which is then patented for the legal rights to the concept. The apex of the amalgamation of Intellectual Property Rights and the global south is during a September 1986 meeting with the GATT member states in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The Quad (United States, Europe, Canada, and Japan) wanted to push an idea during the eight round of discussions that, “to preserve as much as possible their…

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  • China's Position In The Global Intellectual Property Market

    Recently, China has become more encouraging of innovation through increased enforcement of intellectual property rights. To solidify its position in the global intellectual property market, China joined WIPO in 1980 and the Paris Convention on Industrial Property in 1985. Additionally, China signed the Patent Cooperation Treaty in 1994, registered all trademarks with the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 1990, and became a member of the World Trade…

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  • The Strengths And Benefitations Of Intellectual Property Law

    Intellectual Property Law is a very panoramic assemblage of law; its regards Patents, Trade Marks, and Copyrights. Intellectual Property establishes a very critical role in the improvement of consumer enterprise and acts a driving force for innovation. IP 's are adverted as “ownership of the mind 's products”(Cooter, Ulen, 124); Intellectual property is secured by the law through patents, copyrights and trademarks; this protective screening allows individuals(inventors) the prospect of…

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  • Case Study Of Shouldice Hospital

    copying the treatment procedures elsewhere. Through various advertisements, Dr. Shouldice was aware that other physicians were attempting to recreate and deliver the Shouldice Method. This problem was the catalyst for Dr. Shouldice’s desire to expand capacity originally. In this case, brand infringement and Dr. Shouldice have recourse. Michael Allan (2014) advises: Brand owners should consider the International Trade Commission (ITC) an excellent alternative to the district court for trademark…

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  • Under Armour's Marketing Strategy

    Under Armour compression apparel has become a popular brand name in many households. They have done so by marketing their product to the specific needs of a targeted population, namely professional and college sports programs as well as outdoor enthusiasts. The marketing techniques used by the Under Armour Company are to some extend similar to those of other companies; however, Under Armour has focused heavily on brand marketing since the beginning and developing products based on customer…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Copyright Law

    The United States of America is built on the backs of innovators, and forward-thinkers. To protect these men and women lawmakers have drafted some of the most important pieces of legislation in our country’s history: copyright law. Copyright’s purpose is to protect the intellectual property of creators, so that their work cannot be used, or reproduced without their consent. This gives creators the security that their assets will not be stolen, and thus, creates an environment that encourages new…

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  • Amazon Social Forces Analysis

    Social forces have played a major role in the strategy that companies, such as Amazon and Mattel, have had to adopt to remain competitive or gain a competitive edge in their industry. According to Parnell (2014), social forces influence an industry’s behavior and potentially its performance. Social forces can embody anything that has the potential to cause change. Both companies have implemented many changes over the past decade in an attempt to accommodate the social forces that they are up…

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