Case Study Of Shouldice Hospital

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Operational Cost
Shouldice hospital core specialization allows for lower cost in regards to labor and expenses. Operating rooms cost were moderately inexpensive at $30,000, and with five operating rooms the cost of operating rooms total $150,000. Estimated reports show that Shouldice Hospital budget was $2.8 million and the clinic $2 million. However, the total revenue from the operation performed through the year range from $7,717,500.00 to $9,261,000.00. Shouldice is impressive, it shows the administration kept cost truncated while performing surgeries utilizing lean supply principles. Writer John Hatton (2013) expounds on lean supply: The Lean supply chain is one that produces or provides only what is needed, when it is needed and where
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207). Growth management requires strategic planning, “seeking a growth rate that is sustainable” (Stevenson, 2015, p. 49). When speaking of expanding the hospital capacity, an extreme concern of Dr. Shouldice was maintaining not only the quality of service provided, but also retaining control of the quality of services being delivered. He saw himself first and foremost as a physician first and lastly as a business man. Dr. Shouldice felt strong concerning expansion, pondering adding Saturday operations to thereby increasing capacity by 20%. This idea received disagreement in that with the already heavy patient load, the addition of Saturday service could perhaps increase the patient base to over the capacity at which the staff could currently maintain. The staff’s general attitude of this idea was that of displeasure. Iliescu et al. (2013) suggested that Shouldice use caution before proceeding. Iliescu et al. …show more content…
These organizations have realized that succession planning is a continued and productive process which results in lasting development of their human resources. Learning organizations are always engaged in identifying and training of their talented human resources based on their qualifications. One of the key group works in organizations is their management team. The role of outstanding managers in increasing the income, benefit, and organizational success, as well as responding to threats, and the opportunities of the present is quite visible in these organizations ((Moradi, 2014, p.

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