Optometry Personal Statement

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Watching my close relative suffer with strabismus throughout her childhood made me realise how sight deficiency can lead to severe physical and psychological effects in someone. Empathising with her struggles from an early age made me aware of the reliance on our eyesight. Ultimately I was motivated to attend a talk regarding optometry which enhanced my knowledge of the course and gave me a chance to operate optical instruments.
Acknowledging my ambition beforehand made me choose A-level subjects related to optometry. I am very passionate about biology as my ability to make connections between what I have learnt and the biological processes that occurs in life, fascinates me. It has provided me with a good foundation for optometry which would
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During my experience at Specsavers, ocular instruments such as an auto-refractor were demonstrated which I enjoyed because it gave me an opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge and learn a new practical skills. Working alongside an optician led to a better, complex insight into the industry of optometry and allowed me to ask questions such as ‘What are the extreme cases of eye complications?’ and ‘What was your practical experience like at university?’ My responsibilities during my Beechcrofts’ Care Home work experience varied from assisting feeding and ensuring that the residents were feeling happy and comfortable, to calming them when they felt agitated. From this placement, I gained interpersonal and empathy skills from interacting with the elderly in a polite manner. This is important for an optician, as it shows that my patience will be utilised to deal appropriately with anxious patients or in any stressful …show more content…
During the Lewisham festival, I was required to treat casualties with minor injuries, in a new environment. These encounters required me to communicate with injured patients in order to gather information, and be assertive at the same time so that my working pace would be fast and effective. This attentiveness would be helpful when directly working with patients in a fast-paced setting.
As a Bharathanatiyam dancer I have completed grades one to eight. The concentration needed will help to maintain the hard work required when undergoing common tasks such as fine motor control. Working in groups has improved my teamwork skills which have allowed me to participate more in group activities at school and develop my self-confidence. Moreover, taking up this fine art clearly indicates that I am eager and dedicated to learn something outside school.
Our eyes play an important part in our lives and my ambition is to work for a cause that has so much significance for us. Studying optometry at university is not only my major aim, but it would mean that I would be the first family member to attend such institution. With this mind-set, I am willing to study, serve and succeed in this industry to improve the clarity of our

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