Optometrist Research Paper

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Oh No! He has an eye infection! Who will that person go to for a cure? This is where optometrists come in handy. Optometrists are embedded within the career cluster of Health Science. This career cluster is just one branch of STEM. For those who are wondering, optometrists benefit people greatly by providing them with vision care. You probably even see an optometrist once every 6 months. Now, to obtain the career of an optometrist, students of optometry will need specific training/ education, and once they become an optometrist, they will be settled in a certain work environment as well as receive a salary for their work.
Optometrists do not just know everything about optometry overnight. They require specific training/ education, and
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What will be his/her pay rate? Well, these things are all determined by an optometrist’s salary. The average annual salary of an optometrist is $101,000.00 per year. Now, the standard pay rate in San Francisco is at a staggering 15% above national average. New York’s pay rate is 10% above national average, which is still great. The skills that an optometrist specializes within effect the annual salary of that optometrist, too. Optometrists that specialize in contact lenses have a 2% increase in salary while optometrists that specialize in Pediatrics have a 1% decrease in salary. Optometrists that specialize in optometry have no increase in salary, though. Now, for optometrists, the potential growth in annual salary is Entry Level: $96,000.00, Mid-Career (5-10 years): $103,000.00, Experienced (10-20 years): $112,000.00, and Late-Career (20 years and more): $117,000.00. As you can see, the more years for which an optometrist works the more he or she can …show more content…
Optometrists also make sure that your eyes are in mint condition, and if those eyes have an impediment or disease, an optometrist will find a cure. An optometrist of Oklahoma once said, “Optometrists across the state thank optometry for stepping forward with ophthalmology to ensure that Oklahoma school children have healthy eyes.” (James Ronk -www.quotio.com). By making sure that kid’s/ adult’s vision, not only in Oklahoma, is okay, optometrists make sure that one of our body’s vital features is working well, and I would love to have a job like

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