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  • Essay On Group Reflection

    my LAPD group presentation including myself. It was my first time having to work with people that I have just met to produce a 50-minute presentation. Before forming a group, I was worried as we are to work in big groups and group size is one of the main factors that may affect a group performance. At first, I felt like we could not delegate our roles equally, as I had past experiences of doing most of the group work. However, during the first workshop, our tutor gave us guidelines for the roles needed and that, ground rules are compulsory in each team and to be submitted. This made me felt reassured, as students who would not want to be penalised, would follow the guidelines given. Ground rules are vital especially…

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  • MFO Method Case Study

    The application of MFO method has been examined on two different test cases of MAED problems with different dimension and complexity level related to power system. The code used for study has been developed and implemented in MATLAB 7 and executed on 2.80GHz dual core processor with 2GB RAM. The description of test cases and simulation results obtained by MFO are presented as below. Main control parameters used for MFO are search agent size as 50 and shape factor equal to1. Test case I: …

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  • Decision-Making Skills

    Decision Making Skills The results of taking the online quiz How Good is Your Decision Making? from Mind Tools gave me a score of 63 (“How Good,” n.d.). This score is on the higher end of the mid-range results indicating a good basis for decision-making, with a lot of room for improvement. Taken from the article, the six themes of good decision-making are: 1. Establishing a positive decision-making environment. 2. Generating potential solutions. 3. Evaluating the solutions. 4. Deciding. 5.…

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  • Self Help Group Definition

    2.2.4 Definitions of Self Help Groups Following are the definitions of Self Help Groups 1. Rao (1994) defined SHGs as a means of raising the claim and making capacity of the rural poor for reaching out to such agencies as they are willing to work with and which can provided them with additional production resources. It also implies the development of their bargaining power to an extent that such agencies cannot culturally impose their conditions and regulations upon the rural poor as…

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  • Schooled The Price Of College Sports Analysis

    are not considered as employees, the source of income go to the NCAA and members that are involved in the business such as the coaches and the staff. Basically, the student athletes are exploited by the NCAA and universities for they athletics skills with no source of income, they are just given the opportunity to get free education, but do the amount of devotion towards their sport they cannot fully dedicate their time towards education. "If these young men and women are going to come in and…

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  • Bcg Case Study

    system was not conducive to move discussions topics to expedite decisions. 4. There was a clear delineation of priorities being focused on. 5. An inherent lack of trust paralyzed the decision process between the Partnership and BCG generating no agreement for the parties to implement after their meeting together…

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  • Effect Of Metabolism On Goldfish Metabolism

    However, fish can build up tolerances and can acclimate to different environments with varying oxygen levels (Prosser, C. L. et al, 1957). Through acclimation, the fish have developed tolerance to hypoxia and by its oxygen consumption as a function of oxygen supply (Prosser, C. L. et al, 1957). The hypothesis is that the presence of caffeine has an impact on the metabolism rate of goldfish. The null hypothesis of this experiment is that the metabolism rate of goldfish in the presence and absence…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Scholarly Essay

    contains four main arguments. First, nuclear power is capable of making a notable effort of doing away with climate change (Socolow & Glaser, 2009). Secondly, the world is not in a safe position for an immediate international increase of nuclear power (Socolow & Glaser, 2009). Thirdly, a globe that is to some extent safe for nuclear energy could mushroom as an advantage of the nuclear disarmament activity (Socolow & Glaser, 2009). The last argument is that the next decade is in a critical…

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  • Essay On Polychronization

    can be found in the precise spike timings of a group of neurons, which form a functional neuron group. Polychronization [20] can be defined as the ability to produce ‘time-locked’ but not synchronous firing patterns with milli-second precision. A network consisting of a group of neurons recurrently connected, with axonal delays and a synaptic efficacy tuning technique called Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity (STDP) can be shown to display polychronization. A simple example of polychronization is…

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  • L & A Case Study Of Larsen And Toubro Limited

    LARSEN &TOUBRO GROUP Larsen & Toubro Limited is a USD 14.3 billion technology, engineering, construction and manufacturing group with operations spread across the globe. It was ranked as 14th in 2011 by the Economic Times in their Survey of the Top 500 Companies in India. Another feather in its cap was added when L&T was ranked 47th in the world in the June 2009 issue of Forbes Reputation Institutes “World’s Most Reputable Companies” survey. In this survey, L&T was the only engineering and…

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