Personal Narrative: My Core Values And Beliefs

My core values and beliefs have been developed over quite a few aspects. There are many events and reasons in my life as to why and how I act and think the way that I do. Everyone has different explanations based on their own experiences and upbringings. To start off with, my beliefs about God existing is one of the main forces as to why I am who I am today. The Bible and what its stories have to offer support these beliefs. God
It has been the stance of historic Christianity that, unlike other religions and conceptions of God, God can be known. He has disclosed himself to humanity through the testimony of the Scriptures and the person of Jesus Christ, the prototype of the invisible God. The nature of this knowledge of God is not made manifest
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The first communicable attribute I will be looking at is goodness. Humans can be good in relation to one another, but their standard is subjective. Therefore, true goodness is understood in light of the revelation of God in his Word. We can emulate the goodness of God, but we can never be perfectly good. We often hate, as the Lord does, but we do it unrighteously and in ignorance; God utilizes righteous hate and uses perfect judgment. Humans can be lawful, and in doing this reflect God’s perfect justice. While we do have knowledge, ours is incomplete and partial unlike God’s who knows all things. We can express love (God is love), but our version of love will always be tainted by sin. God is a rational being with prefect rationality. We humans on the other hand, are imperfectly rational and will not always come to correct conclusions due to our sin and lack of knowledge. God is merciful, and we too can exhibit this mercy, although it is not always done properly. An attribute of God is his speech. For example, He said "let there be light" (Genesis 1:3), and it was so. God always speaks truth, and it contains power. This is an attribute that we possess as well, but our communication is never perfect; our speeches do not hold the same power or truth as God’s. Truthfulness is yet another communicable quality possessed by God. We too can be truthful, but once again, lack of knowledge and sin damage our truthfulness. The last communicable attribute I will discuss is wisdom. God possesses perfect wisdom; He always makes the right decisions and knows the best ways to accomplish them. Humanity can express wisdom, but of course, not perfectly. Our expression of wisdom is best done in light of scriptural

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