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  • Dance Concert Critique

    Being able to choreograph and perform in dance concert is a very unique and amazing experience. Creating ideas with everyone around you and transforming those ideas into a masterpiece is a process like no other. With everyone’s opinions out in thin air, you can put all of your ideas into one to create something so beautiful. In Modern especially it was really intriguing to watch the whole process of how the dance was created. Since we did originally have a combo to go off of, it was different watching all the different groups create a combo over the steps but just in a different format. Being able to perform a piece that is so special to you is something that I really like about dance concert. I really loved coming together as a class and seeing everyone’s ideas. During the choreographic process of…

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  • Flashlight: The Dance Concert

    you will realize your full potential in life. The dance concert was just that, the dancers had a motive and that was to fulfill their full potential. This was a great addition to the theatres productions, overall I thought it was fantastic. So great that I went to go see the production twice. Flashlight, a dance of belonging was the first to jump out at me. The meaning of belonging has a variety of values. To me this piece symbolizes the importance of acceptance and the meaning of having a true…

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  • Dance Concert Analysis

    Concert Paper Unlike a book or a Movie, Dancing can be interpreted in many different ways with just movements, no dialogue required. Each dance can have a different story, and themes. The problem is that the story can be overlooked if the people watching do not pay attention and see the subtle inflections that add character to the performances. In the Concert that I observed in class I interpret two completely diverse performances, one performance dealing with happiness, and another with grief.…

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  • Dance Concert Essay: The Boxer Dance Review

    Stevie Eller Dance Theatre at the University of Arizona, I went to see the dance performance Here & Now. As I was buying my ticket, I did not really know what to expect from this concert. To be honest, I did not know really anything about this show that I had just paid to see. Originally, I thought that this show would just be a requirement for me to pass this class. However, after seeing this show, it became much more to me than just a grade. The dancers were astounding and the songs were so…

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  • Dance Company Fall Dance Concert Report

    On Thursday, December 3rd, 2015, I saw a few performances of the Dance Company Fall Dance Concert presented by the Theater, Dance, and Film department of Franklin and Marshall College. The concert incorporated the works of Talia Beck, Merce Cunningham, Elba Hevia Y Vaca, Belinda Mcguire, Janet Peck, and Pamela Vail. The Concert took place at the Schnader Theater in Roschel Performing Arts Center at 7: 30 P.M. Of the performances I had the opportunity to watch, the one that most intrigued me was…

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  • Spring Dance Concert Report

    (Stevens, 1) (Stevens, 2) “Belonging” , Dance Performance Critiqued The Collin County Ensemble’s Spring Dance Concert, Dance Fusion , of November 08- 09, 2013, was a brilliant collaboration of post-modern dances performed by the following professional dance groups : Collin Dance Ensemble; Big Rig Dance Collective,; Perpetual Motion Dance; and Karen Stokes Dance. For my Dance Appreciation course, I attended the matinee showing of this event…

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  • Spring Dance Concert Review

    On April 28, 2016 the Redfield Proscenium Theatre is full of excitement from energized parents, peers, professors, and choreographers, as everyone patiently waits for the Spring Dance Concert to start. The lights are finally dimmed and the applause stops as soon as the stage lights turn on. The concert starts off with “Space Taken” by Katie Dahlaw which explores gender stereotypes and ends with a piece by Kathleen Hermesdorf titled “Fern” that starts off with dancers surrounded around a Fern.…

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  • Swamp Dance Concert Report Sample

    Swamp Dance Fest! UF SoTD; McGuire Pavilion G-6 studio; July 30th 7:30pm. Repertory Concert After Image was supposed to bring out imagery of the files arctic expedition made by S.A. Andrée in1897. The only part of the dance that I was able to recognize was the paper being torn and placed over the dancers, like ice breaking up. I couldn’t really pick out any of the other movements as specifically representing the expedition. At first the movement in After Image was confusing and I wasn’t quite…

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  • Fall Dance Concert Report

    The Fall Dance Festival took place at the Texas Tech Maedgen Lab theatre on November 18, 2016 at 7:30 pm. I watched the ladies dance while listening to the music. The music did not sound exactly the same to me as it did to other members who were able to hear. I was late and did not catch a seat in the center of the theatre, which is the seating I prefer because it allows me to hear between my left and right side of hearing. I had to sit on the right side of the auditorium instead. The place…

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  • Dance Concert Review: Stream Of Consciousness

    University Dance Theatre production, had talent, agility, and graceful movements. The concert had a variety of dance genres, visual appeal, and emotions that each piece and the show overall represented. Humor, drama, and serenity were not emotions I thought I would receive while watching these dances. One thing I did not realize would make many of the pieces was how crucial and reliant lighting and graphics were necessary to make the piece more visually interesting. However, I was excepting…

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