Concert Paper: Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

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Concert Paper
Unlike a book or a Movie, Dancing can be interpreted in many different ways with just movements, no dialogue required. Each dance can have a different story, and themes. The problem is that the story can be overlooked if the people watching do not pay attention and see the subtle inflections that add character to the performances. In the Concert that I observed in class I interpret two completely diverse performances, one performance dealing with happiness, and another with grief. Each performance used different gestures and moves instead of dialogue to present a story. The only thing these two performances have in common is that they tell their story through dance, and music.
The Title of the first performance that I interpret is named; Diamonds are a Girl’s best Friend. The dance performance was a solo presentation with only one dancer performing on the stage. The music orchestrated was the equivalent to the title of dance as, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and presented a joyous mood over the girl’s passion of having diamonds. Furthermore, the wardrobe of the dancer also paralleled the vintage feel of the music by appearing as a 1940’s or 1950’s entertainment connecting to the song and dance. The dancing matched the joyous mood of the song with the dancer performing in free flow motion, dancing
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I gathered their themes not by dialogue, but by their gestures and movements as their dancing spoke words on what was going on in the performance. While the general audience could gather a vague idea of the themes of the dance, most would not understand the subtle movements that spoke volumes on the story that was being presented. I might be wrong on what is being said on the performances, but there is always an open interpretation of dance what I believe the dance is about might not be the intention of the choreographer, but this was my

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