Dance Concert Essay: The Boxer Dance Review

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This past weekend, at the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre at the University of Arizona, I went to see the dance performance Here & Now. As I was buying my ticket, I did not really know what to expect from this concert. To be honest, I did not know really anything about this show that I had just paid to see. Originally, I thought that this show would just be a requirement for me to pass this class. However, after seeing this show, it became much more to me than just a grade. The dancers were astounding and the songs were so catchy that I never wanted the show to end. This show was definitely worth my time and money, and I will tell you why.
The show started off amazing with the dance The Boxer, and after that it just kept getting better. One of the performances that I really enjoyed was the performance called Bell & String. This dance took place in the first half of the show and was executed by two performers, Micah Chermak and Jadyn Reddy. Jadyn Reddy was an amazing performer. She was so flawless with the way she moved her body and really stood out in every performance that she partook in. The dance composed of the two dancers being dressed with only half of their clothes. From the beginning of the performance, one could see the two dancers shared such a passion from the beginning to the end. Throughout the song, Tissue
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Watching performers in videos or on television is completely different than actually experiencing it. When I am watching a dance routine on the Internet, I still enjoy the dance, but I do not feel as if I am apart of the dance or feeling the same emotions that I did during the live performance. While I was watching the performance, I felt as if I was on stage with them, or at least I wanted to be on stage with the dancers because they were having such an amazing time. When the music is playing so loud and all around one, they cannot help but sing along with the

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