Comparing Lindy Hop And The Argentine Tango

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Lindy Hop and The Argentine Tango Dance and music play an important role in the cultural traditions of various societies. I chose to focus on two social dances from different cultures that are still celebrated today. For my familiar dance, I selected Lindy Hop which originated in the United States. This dance form is often shown in movies, and the free flowing movements caught my attention. Through my preliminary research, I discovered the Argentine Tango which interested me due to its improvisational nature and the ways music inspires movement. These dances share the social aspect of their performance, but differ in origins and style.
Social and Cultural Origins
Lindy Hop is a form of swing dancing developed in Harlem, New York during the 1920s. This dance originated from within the African African community with European
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Unlike many dances the Tango “does not follow fixed sequences of steps or figures and is only really choreographed for show or stage performances”(Littig). Stage Tango is danced with a loose embrace and utilizes flashy movements to entertain an audience. In contrast, social Tango “is an improvisational dance based on the four building blocks of walking, turning, stopping and embellishments”(Shrivastva). While dancing partners work off each other, with the male typically taking the lead, to create a unique dance that reflects the music. This collaborative technique is demonstrated in a dance scene from Tango Bar, in which the performers utilize repetitive slow and sustained movement, working off the others lead to add embellishment (Tango Bar). The use of these elements demonstrates the freedom and intimacy of the dance. The Tango can be danced in an embrace with straight or leaning posture, usually to a “ric-tic-tic rhythm”. This dance offers a loose and free style allowing for partners to create individual dances within the

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