Flashlight: The Dance Concert

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Expressing one 's creativity, quest for spiritual enlightenment, pursuit of knowledge, and the desire to give to society are examples of self-actualization. With the pursuit of self- actualization, you will realize your full potential in life. The dance concert was just that, the dancers had a motive and that was to fulfill their full potential. This was a great addition to the theatres productions, overall I thought it was fantastic. So great that I went to go see the production twice.
Flashlight, a dance of belonging was the first to jump out at me. The meaning of belonging has a variety of values. To me this piece symbolizes the importance of acceptance and the meaning of having a true friend. You could tell that the three dancers had a
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Some would think it’s about falling in love; others would tell you it’s simply about summer nights. There were many dancers for this piece but each member made a contribution to the dance. The choreography made the audience believe they were watching the movie Grease live. Some of the dance moves were very similar to the actual Grease movie. The music was being a piece out of the original movie which any Grease fan could agree couldn’t have fitted any better. Grease was set in the 1960’s where the guys wore white t-shirts, leather jackets, and pants rolled up. The girls would wear flowy dresses or “poodle skirts.” All of the costumes gave off the 1960’s feeling, they were also similar to the attire worn in Grease. The lights were very basic in this particular piece; the entire stage was basically lit up the entire time. The lighting director got away with this style because the dance and music is very upbeat. Being a Grease fan this piece caught my eye, after seeing all of the themed dances I got the urge to go watch the …show more content…
The lighting in the dance concert seemed very off to me both nights I went. The lighting crew could’ve had more practice before the actual production. The one night I went the spotlight was hitting the wrong dancer the entire time, it should’ve been directed on the dancer who had the spotlight while the other dancers were laying down still. Another faulty with the lighting was the one Grease scene with the car. The lighting above the car was flickering and then randomly stop and proceed with the steps all over again. The professionalism of the lights was not there like it should’ve been. I believe more time and practice could be solved this problem in no time.
Self- Actualization a Concert of Dance was my favorite production throughout the entire semester. Each piece gave off their own energy and meaning, this kept the audience’s attention. A mixture of emotions could be felt throughout the performance and that’s what made me fall inlove with this production even more. I would recommend this production to any that has a fascination of

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