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  • Supersonic Research Paper

    times as many people as the Concorde and takes the same amount of fuel. This means that although the Concorde will arrive quicker than the Boeing 747 it is not cost effective because of the number of people being transported by the other aircraft. The average cost for a flight right now is $379, a flight of a Concorde from London to New York in 2003 cost $4612. This seems like an extremely high price and it is but it was a luxury people were willing to pay for. The industry actually showed a growth in profits. During it’s 28 years of use, the cost of the Concorde to maintain and fuel was one billion Euros and made a profit of 1.75 billion Euros. This means that the jet, while there were downsides to it’s fuel efficiency and passenger capacity, was an economically viable venture. Therefore, this cannot be the cause of the disappearance of supersonic travel over the last 40 years, if there is money to be made somebody is surely going to find a way to make it work. The supersonic industry was making almost double what they were putting in. Imagine a billion dollars it is an unimaginable about no one can picture in their mind how much that is. The Concorde was not making a billion dollars, it was making more than that, as it is stated earlier in the paper the jet which was ran by European companies was making 1.75 billion Euros. The Euro has a higher exchange rate than the dollar it is valued at 1.06 to the dollar right now meaning that the Concorde jet was making over…

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  • Engineering Disasters In Engineering

    Engineering Disasters Within the confines of a single second your whole world can come crashing down. Throughout history, mankind has been met with sudden disasters at seemingly random turns from faulty bridges, to malfunctioning airplanes and unstable nuclear reactors. Yet, upon examination of the disasters, investigators have uncovered that the seemingly random turn of events had, in reality, occurred as a result of slight mistakes made by the engineers and mechanics that designed the…

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  • Concorde: History And Characteristics

    Concorde The one and only supersonic passenger airplane that existed up until now was the Concorde. The Concorde belonged to both the British Airway and the Air France and was released on 21st January 1976. The Concorde flew with a speed of 2172 km/h and had a takeoff speed of 402 km/h. It used the most powerful pure jet engines flying commercially (Celebrating). Concorde was 62 m long and still increased between 15 to 25 cm due to heating of the airframe as well as a wing span of about 25 m…

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  • Megaproject Case Study

    THEORETICAL APPROACH Megaprojects The Concorde, in the context of project management, was quite special as it was a joint partnership between two economically and culturally different states--England and France. Bent Flyvberg is one of the first academics to study megaprojects from a program management perspective in order to better understand the economic, social, and environmental impacts, which is what drives the organizational interest in our case study of the Concorde. This paper will use…

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  • Air France Flight 4950 Crash Essay

    The report also mentioned that the Concorde was 810 kilograms above the safe takeoff limit and was missing the spacer of the left landing gear, but the effect of the overweight and absence spacer were negligible and did not contributed it to the catastrophe [3]. DESIGN FLAWS In any circumstances, however, a metal strip should not have caused such a devastating event; a flaw was inherent in Concorde’s design. Prior to the accident, Concorde had suffered about 70 tyre-related incidents, 7 of…

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  • What Is Turboprop Engines?

    His idea was driven by the need for Britain to gain air superiority against the rising Luftwaffe but also as a way to to mark their presence as a force in Europe. The jet engine overtime become more appealing and more commonly used for military aviation. Jet engines were able to provide the best performance in terms of speed and altitude but also enabled nations to gain air superiority in regions. Jet powered aircrafts were able to out speed and manoeuvre any other aircraft which the military…

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  • Nuclear Bombs

    athletics, etc.) but the technology oddly enough is not his forte. They have had a communist regime for many (perhaps too many) years and it shows to the hour of technology. They have always competed against much richer than they like the US or the UK countries and having less money they have echo with authentic bungling he had. But also many non-Communist countries have made good bungling. Let 's criticize first UK. Things like HMS Tireless, Network Rail or Concorde show that I am right. I…

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  • Supersonic Essay

    Plane( NASA, 2014 ) Just at the start of the Cold War era, an ambitious and decorated pilot, Charles Elwood Yeager, a test pilot, was chosen by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) to fly the rocket powered Bell XS-1. On October 14, 1947, the sound barrier was broken. This led to several researches and the eventual creation of more efficient supersonic engines known as Ramjets, that are still being researched on. A great majority of these findings were confined to military…

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  • AMC Hornet Analysis

    progressed through its seven-year build. However, the changes were in the styling of the pieces that attached to the automobile. Things like the grille, taillights, bumpers and wheel combinations changed almost every year. Nevertheless, the sheet metal styling, although massaged, basically remained the same from 1970 through 1977. When they replaced [the AMC Rambler American] with the Hornet It seemed like a solid move in the right direction. In fact, AMC used the platform to carry the Gremlin…

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  • Who Is Epicor's Competitors?

    and Visual Basic for Applications as the customizing language and so do now. This software is the most unique in the suite in fact it is a so called Project-based ERP and it is used to support all the activity around the definition and management of a project. For example: Budgeting and cost forecasting; time and expense entry; complex allocation; unlimited billing formats; change order control; contract administration; local and Web-based project analysis; employee utilization/realization;…

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