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  • American Airlines Case Study

    Brief History of American Airlines The recent merger between American Airlines (AA) and US Airways resulted in The American Airlines Group (AMR) forming the largest airline in the world. AMR operates over 6,700 flights daily to over 350 destinations in 50 countries and recently set new records for both traffic and capacity in February, 2016 (AA, 2015, 2016). AA earned many successes and even more challenges over the decades. This paper will briefly highlight a few of the major events in American Airlines history including how the airline was created, important mergers and related business aspects, and a brief summary of American Airlines pioneering achievements in aviation. A young accountant named Cyrus R. Smith was promoted to general…

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  • American Airlines Swot Analysis Paper

    AMERICAN AIRLINES GROUP INC. COMPANY ANALYSIS HISTORY American Airlines Group (AAG) Inc. was formed on December 9, 2013, after a merger of AMR Corporation, the parent company of American Airlines and US Airways Group, the parent company of US Airways (, 2016). AAG Inc. is a publicly traded company with NASDAQ Ticker, AAL. It operates flight services on both the domestic and long haul routes. In 1983, AAG established a subsidiary known as AMR to provide aviation services to other…

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  • American Airlines Ethical Issues

    however, business sometimes fall short and do not make decisions that are best ethically, but instead best for the company. An example of this in recent years is the airline industry. Over the last few years, several airline companies have found their ethics compromised through decisions they have made, and found that this has adversely affected their company as well as their customers. This…

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  • American Airlines Competitor Analysis

    Southwest airlines are the eight largest airline around the globe (Tracy). Even though it is a very powerful and influential company they still have many competitors that that compete with on a daily basis. The biggest being America Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Continental Holding, Virgin America, and Jet Blue Airways. American Airlines is one of the country’s oldest airline company and subjectively Southwest biggest competitor. American Airlines are largest airline in the entire world…

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  • American Airlines Swot Analysis

    American Airlines is the world’s largest airline company, if measured by the fleet size, revenue, destinations served, and passengers flown. American Airlines is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Together with its regional partners, American Airlines operates an extensive international and domestic network with nearly 6,700 flights per day to nearly 350 destinations in more than 50 countries. The history of American Airlines dates back in 1926 when…

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  • Star Diagnostic Model: American Airlines And United Airlines

    chosen to analyze the activities and actions that have been continuously undertaken by the American Airlines and United Airlines. This particular diagnostic model is more appropriate to the selected companies. This is due to the reason that it aids companies, especially the top leadership of the specific companies in ensuring that the changes being undertaken at any given time to ensure the specific company stays on the lead are guided or driven by a set of informed strategic business objectives…

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  • American Airlines Merger Case Study

    The US airline industry has experienced considerable merger and acquisition activity since its early years; especially following deregulation in 1978. Figure 1 provides a timeline of mergers and acquisitions for the four largest surviving airlines based on passengers served from 1920s to 2010s (GAO,2013). Source: GAO (2013) Figure 1: Highlights of US Domestic Airline Mergers and Acquisitions, 1920s – 2010s 2. Case Study: American Airlines Today, American…

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  • American Airlines: Strengths And Weaknesses

    MY analysis of the differential advantages/strengths and the weaknesses of the firm: Strengths: American Airlines is the largest airline in the United States. This includes the number of airplanes, the number of total seats, and the number of passengers transported. This is the biggest reason they continue to make profits and break profit records for their company each quarter. (Forbes) Weaknesses: American Airlines ranges on the more expensive side, and some people are willing to, and will…

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  • American Airlines Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

    American airline they don’t have a lot of weaknesses comparing to other airlines. Most airline weakness are the market share and financial positions. The airline constantly faces union problems that have negative effects on the progress of the company. After US Airways merger, this problem intensified and because of increasing union problems, American Airline adopted a benefit-sharing program. This program affected the company's profits and created instability in the project. Although the…

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  • American Airlines Value Chain Model

    As some customers choose to remain loyal to a preferred airline as price is a major determining factor. For example, Caribbean Airlines is a preferred choice for its warmth, hospitality and reliability and many Caribbean destinations, as compared to Virgin Atlantic which has a limited number of Caribbean destinations on their schedule. In lieu of the aforementioned, Caribbean Airlines can maintain its market share and not feel threatened by its…

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