American Airlines Arena Case Study

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The Republic National Convention presents an opportune occasion for a low risk high reward attack by various potential actors. Consequently, several symbolic targets within the vicinity of American Airlines Arena could provide attackers with ample media coverage, as well as the potential for significant loss of civilian lives. Clearly, the big terrorist organizational players like al Qaida are of concern, there are cell factions, lone wolves, and large protests expected near the convention. The following are my recommendations in rank order, the risks that are associated with the RDNC convention scheduled at American Airlines Arena in Miami Florida.
American Airlines Arena will be the location of convention activities and has protection of a perimeter fence, and a water exclusion zone. The weakest link is going to be the 500 vehicle-parking garage located directly under the Arena. It is monitored by a single security guard, and the potential for a vehicle born explosive is reasonable. Additionally, the Aryan Nation group as indicated an interest in attack the facility with the use of a vehicle born explosive. The likelihood for attack is
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It is commonly congested during traffic accidents, and could easily be disrupted by a lone actor. Additionally, a majority of the bridge is located outside the exclusion zone, and could reasonably be at risk of attack to its support structures. The bridge is also located next to Bicentennial Park; protesters could conceivably attack the bridge with little effort or expense. The likelihood of an event here is high, and its consequences if it were attacked are moderate. Due to the number of people that could be stranded on the bridge if it were attacked and the potential for a limited escape route recommend extending the water exclusion zone to include the bridge support

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