American Black Bear

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  • Characteristics Of North American Black Bears

    Bears are capable of adapting to numerous changes of environment. This is why there is such a wide variety of bears, and it is why each species is different and has its own unique characteristics. These traits are often necessary in order for the bear to survive with its surroundings (“Bear”). There are three kinds of bears in North America, and the most common is the American black bear (“North America’s Bears…”) They are normally found in forests and make great tree climbers, but may be seen in mountains and swamps. Black bears can be blue-gray, blue-black, brown, cinnamon, or even white, but this is rare (“American Black Bears…”). The grizzly or brown bear lives in British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon and Northwest territories and is also…

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  • Louisiana Black Bear Essay

    also known as the Louisiana black bear, is a big mammal that can be found along the Lower Mississippi River Valley. This solitary mammal weights between 200 to 400 pounds and it is characterized from other black bears for having a longer, narrower and flatter nose, with larger molar teeth. It has a life cycle similar to many other types of bears; they spend their first couple of years with their mothers. During winters they den, and when they become adults they mate. Their sense of smell is…

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  • Essay On Black Bears

    The american black bear appears to be all across all of north america, although the subspecies of the louisiana black bear is only known to be seen in louisiana, western mississippi, and east texas. When in comparison to other black bears the louisiana black bear is much different. THe black bear of louisiana has a longer, more narrow and latter skull than any other black bear. It also has larger molar teeth.Right now we appraise that somewhere around 500 and 750 Louisiana black bears in the…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Animal Collector

    The Animal Collector In a large enterprise building, the CEO Mr Gregory lies nonchalantly on his revolving chair covered with the lush brown coat of a grizzly bear. He was looking out into the marvelous Settle skyline through a floor-to-ceiling window when his attention was attracted to something else, it was a palm-sized specimen of an endangered mouse-lemur he had recently obtained from Madagascar placed on an elaborate stand on his desk. It had eyes just as bright and lively as it was…

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  • Essay On Bear Management

    Bear Management in Montana Forests Those who live in Montana coexist with a vast array of wildlife. One of the most spectacular and intimidating species that can be encountered is the North American Black and Grizzly Bear. Not only are they a species that can be appreciated for their powerful beauty, but they contribute much to the ecosystem as well. Some of their ecological roles include being seed dispensers and nutrient providers ("Black Bear Biology," 2016.) The berries the bears’ consume…

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  • Giant Panda Essay

    The giant panda, also known as panda bear is a bear that is native to south central China. The scientific classification of the giant panda is that it originates from the kingdom: Animalia, phylum: Chordata, class: Mammalia, family: Ursidae, genus: Ailuropoda, and species: A. melanoleuca3. The giant panda has been added to the endangered species list in 2007. Conservation needs to be done by humans to prevent damage to the world that humans have caused. Without conservation, our lives will…

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  • The Big Grizzly Short Story

    warm day of the summer when all kinds of people are talking about a bear. They say that is has only been coming out at night, and rummaging through their trash, and tearing up there yards. They have only seen it at night. They say it is a good sized bear. I have heard people say next time they see it they are going to kill it and if they don’t see it they are going to go hunting after it. Also people are leaving their houses because of the bear. In the beginning, people have been talking about…

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  • Analysis Of The Bear That Wasn T

    The Bear That Wasn’t by Frank Tashlin expresses the topic and main idea of a bear who struggles with loss of identity. In the beginning of the story,the bear is hibernating, oblivious to the construction of a factory above him. As he emerges from his slumber and walks outside, the foreman yells at the bear for not working. The bear simply replies ‘but I’m a bear.’ The foreman insisted that the bear is a silly man who needs a shave and wears a fur coat. The bear denies it repeatedly, so is taken…

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  • Theme Of Social Isolation In Through Black Spruce

    Through Black Spruce illustrates how the social isolation of an individual can lead to that individual’s identity dramatically shifting. Social isolation refers to the state of lacking a solid community. Social isolation does not have to refer to physical detachment from society. A person can even feel isolated and lonely among a crowd if he feels as though he does not fit in with the people within that crowd. In Through Black Spruce, the character of Will illustrates the identity changes that…

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  • Difference Between Deer And Elk

    The Deer and Elk Who do you think will win out of a whitetail deer and elk if they fought even tho simple look and act the same. Deer and elk have similarities and differences in the habitat,diet,and traits.Elk and deer look and act the same but in some ways they are not exactly the same. Elk and deer both have great traits for life in the wild. They both have big tough horns,but elk’s horns go back while deer’s horns up. Deer and elk are both brown. Deer are usually 125-200…

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