American Civil War spies

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  • The Role Of African American Spies In The Civil War

    People who are involved in espionage usually must remain unknown during their lifetimes. Achieving anonymity even in history is especially true of African American spies and particularly of women spies. When people think of a civil war spy, they imagine a male. Nevertheless, women played a huge role and were perfect because they were easily trusted and viewed as a non-threat. African Americans were also great spies because they had direct access to conversation as they were serving and cooking for both the union army and Confederates. However, during the civil war, most spies that were captured were executed. Certain espionage exploits by African Americans during the Civil War have come to be known and are a part of history. The stories of…

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  • Women's Roles During The American Civil War

    The American Civil War was fought between the northern and southern soldiers during 1861-1865. This war played a crucial part in shaping the opinions of citizens and provisional gender roles during war time; females were encouraged to help aid the soldiers. Ladies at this time were “vivandieres” who were often known to accompany and provide support to the Union and Confederate army. A handful of women also impersonated themselves as men and joined the fight, while many other females were nurses…

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  • Women's Roles In The American Civil War

    The American Civil War is an event in American history that is looked back on with regret. Regret that our country had to go through such a terrible time when brother killed brother, and father killed son. When most look back on the American Civil war, they might think of the men, maybe Abraham Lincoln, maybe the slaves, but do women come to the mind of most when thinking about the American Civil War? Women played a great role during the Civil War. Some women were spies, like Isabelle Boyd and…

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  • Pinkerton Detective Agency In The Civil War

    “We never sleep” was the motto of Allan Pinkerton’s detective agency. Pinkerton led these spies in the South where they “Didn’t sleep”, discovering more and more tactical information on the South’s plans to win the Civil War. In the USA a great war would soon begin a war that would separate the young nation, and would create the North and the South (Confederacy). The war would begin on April 12, 1861, and the main reason for this war was slavery. Spies such as Allan Pinkerton and the…

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  • The Role Of African American Women During The Civil War

    12, 1861 the Civil War broke out due to the unyielding distinctions regarding free and slave states regarding the power of the national government forbidding slavery in the unpopulated areas. Over the course of the war as the Union infiltrated Confederacy territory many Union officials recognized an intellectual advantage by utilizing the African American population. Herbert Aptheker, who was an American Marxist historian and political enthusiast declared, "The greatest source of military and…

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  • Analysis: Behind The Lines Of Civil War Spies

    Lines of Civil War Spies The American Civil War was one of the greatest battles in our nation’s history. This war lasted from 1861 to 1865, resulting in more than one million deaths. Not only were there soldiers who died, but among them were women, children, slaves and families. The Civil War is considered to be one of the bloodiest events to ever take place on American Soil, and the effects of this war would forever alter our nation’s history. There are many individuals today that argue…

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  • Spies In The Civil War

    The Civil War is the deadliest war this country has had to endure. It pitted the North versus the South over the issues of slavery and preservation of the Union. Families were literally torn apart as some members supported the Union while others supported the Confederacy. Divided loyalties among such close relatives made espionage a near certainty throughout the war. This paper will examine why there were spies, who they were, how they operated, and their contributions to the war effort. During…

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  • Southern Lady Yankee Spy Summary

    “Southern Lady, Yankee Spy: The True Story of Elizabeth Van Lew, A Union Agent in the Heart of the Confederacy” is a biography written by Elizabeth R. Varon and published by Oxford University Press in 2003. This book has 317 pages including the List of Abbreviations, Notes, and Index and 261 pages excluding these items. The purpose of this book is to inform the reader of the life of Elizabeth Van Lew while trying to fix how she is viewed in American History. Elizabeth Van Lew was an elite,…

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  • African American Role In The Civil War Essay

    issues of the Civil War was if America was going to be a country of slavery. The South also known as the Confederate army were all the states that support slavery as they used slaves for their big agricultural fields. The North also known as the Union army were all the states that were against slavery, they believed African American are just as equal as a white man. With the country expanding both sides feared that the country will have more pro-slavery or anti-slavery states, this lead to the…

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  • What Role Did Women Play In The Civil War Essay

    When Americans learn about the civil war, they would never expect how much women helped. Women helped a lot. Women would be running homes and business's without husbands, smuggling objects, being nurses, spying, running charities and even disguising themselves as soldiers. As the war progressed, women started to stray from their traditional feminine roles. An important role women did in the civil war was being a spy, there were about 100 spies ("The roles of women").Women spy's would…

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