George B. McClellan

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  • Second Battle Of Bull Run Essay

    General John Pope, and Major General George B. McClellan. It had four times the amount of casualties than the original Battle of Bull Run. Taken place in Northern Virginia it was a battle between Union and Confederate Armies on August 28-30 1862. John Pope led the Union army, and on the Confederate side General Robert E. Lee led the way. The Union army had the most casualties while the Confederate army suffered loses but minimal compared to the Union army. Major General George B McClellan demoted from overall command by President Abraham Lincoln, would only command the…

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  • Letter To Lincoln's Wife Analysis

    relationship. In the start of the letter, she seems to be smitten with him, because she mentions that she hears about him around town and that it “satisfies” her “very much.” Before this, Mary writes that she knows that he is not fond of letter writing, so we can see that there seems to be a slight strain on the relationship, but not to an extreme degree, just like any other relationship. Mary also fills him in on events happening with the family such as “little Taddie” feeling better, which,…

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  • The Battle Of Antietam: The Turning Point Of The Civil War

    Abraham Lincoln, George McClellan, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis is fascinating as it provides the reader with a larger picture of who they were. Not only does he provide insight on this significant figures of history, but also the minor ones such as Pope, Burnside and Halleck. He provides his argument in detailed backgrounds of character, politics and battle strategies. The character that is most certainly given the center stage of this book is General George McClellan. McClellan is…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Battle Of Antietam Creek

    wonder when Clara is going to try and scavenge for more supplies. At the start she brought in four wagons filled with all sorts of supplies for the nurses and surgeons on site. But with each and every patient that number is getting lower and lower. I am so thankful for her. Without her I do not know what we would have been able to do. When she came I said, “You have no idea how difficult it really has been with no supplies. The soldiers have been put through absurd amounts of pain” She replied,…

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  • George Mcclellan Essay

    People Of the War 1. General George B. McClellan George Brinton McClellan is most often know as the retired General for the Union during the Civil War. With the outbreak of the Civil War, Ohio governor William Dennison, recommended McClellan’s work as a military leader to President Lincoln which he would later accept. As General-in-Chief of the Union Army in the North, McClellan hardly made any advancements and would often over estimate the enemy. He was relieved from command when President…

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  • The Importance Of The Battle Of Bull Run

    it would just be like watching a sporting event, to the extent that a New York volunteer said “What a picnic”. The reality was that some civilians were seriously hurt, killed and even captured. At the end, it brought the cruel reality of what was to come on future skirmishes during the Civil War. Luckily for the Union Army in retreat, the Confederates did not have the capability at the time to pursue and destroy the Union Army as they were retreating; this became a hot topic of discussion with…

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  • Civil War Photography

    team and his photographs had a paramount impact on public opinion of the Civil War that continues to this day, a major impact on modern day photojournalism and the future of war time photography. Mathew Brady was born in 1822 or 1823, the exact date is disputed, in Warren County, New York, to Irish immigrants, Andrew and Julia Brady. Brady grew up in Saratoga Springs, New York, besides that not much else is know about his youth. In 1835, Brady moved to Albany, New York to seek treatment for an…

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  • Abraham Lincoln Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

    Being Commander-in-Chief during the Civil war posed many issues for the president, but eventually he succeeded in leading the North towards victory. While Lincoln himself was not out fighting in the war, he was making many of the decisions that progressed it. “The day after Bull Run, Lincoln signed a bill for the enlistment of five hundred thousand three-year volunteers” (41). After this, another bill for an additional five hundred thousand was signed. This action showed that Lincoln was serious…

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  • Robert E Lee Research Paper

    in mind, he hoped that the south could win a few battles and pressure Lincoln to stop the fighting. In September 1862, Lee led 40,000 soldiers across the Potomac river into Maryland. At the time, the army was small and had been “marching, fighting, and starving” (p.82) since June. General McClellan on the other hand, was a hero of the…

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  • Battle Themes In Herman Melville's The Victor Of Antietam

    voice, and connect with sentiments of the public. Battle Pieces aims specifically at tackling Americanism during the Civil War. The queries he rose such as: what did it mean to win? was it worth it? and who really won? were directed at the deep-deep diving reader but were instead squandered by the superficial skimmers. In its first twenty years after publication Battle Pieces sold only 471 copies. Despite its lack of popularity, today Melville’s words reveal a prevailing truth about the nature…

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