Behind The Lines Of Civil War Essay

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Behind the Lines of Civil War Spies The American Civil War was one of the greatest battles in our nation’s history. This war lasted from 1861 to 1865, resulting in more than one million deaths. Not only were there soldiers who died, but among them were women, children, slaves and families. The Civil War is considered to be one of the bloodiest events to ever take place on American Soil, and the effects of this war would forever alter our nation’s history. There are many individuals today that argue that this war was among the most horrific tragedies throughout American history because it resulted in being a brother killing brother tactic. The whole United States was separated because of slavery, having the northern states call themselves …show more content…
Rose was a mother of four kids and a widow. But, she was also a very powerful figure in Washington D.C at that time. She became super close with the former President, James Buchanan as well as many other senators, representatives, diplomats, judges and military figures. Rose had a mind for details, which made her such a great spy. She was able to remember exact amount of supplies, shortages and specific details. She was also amazing at gathering valuable information. Some of the information she soon learned to discover proved of some use to the Confederate leadership. She worked hard with her ring of Confederate sympathizers to collect information and send it south as well. Rose had been under constant suspicion from the beginning of the war, and was put under immediate watch by the head of General McClellan 's secret service, Allen Pinkerton. This was not unknown to Rose, but she didn’t let it deter her from continuing her espionage. She continued on going on many more missions, and was eventually put under arrest in her own home, where she was later moved to the capital. Within the capital she is said, to have still been sending information to the South. Finally in May 1862, Rose and her daughter were released from prison. And then they were shortly after visited by President Davis who asked here to carry some important dispatches to Europe, excided she jumped on the opportunity to serve. Unfortunately she never again reached the Confederacy. October 1, 1864 while riding aboard a gunboat it ran aground. In order to avoid capture, she and many other men fled away on a rowboat which got caught in the stormy sea. “Wild Rose” as she was often called, drowned that very day, along with priceless gold. Rose O’Neal Greenhow was one of the most courageous women throughout the Confederacy that gave her life to help in the

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