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  • Watchmen Adaptation

    Watchmen In 2009, Zack Snyder filmed the first and only adaption of what was considered to be an “unfilmable” (Van Ness 172) graphic novel: Alan Moore’s Watchmen. Moore was a firm believer in the fact that it was a story unable to be transferred over from a comic to another medium – the story was meant to stay in the medium it was designed for. The graphic novel allows for a complex, metatextual narrative structure to be employed to tell such the story of Watchmen that is filled with much ambiguity. In comparison, the theatrical cut film adaptation of Watchmen cut much of the storyline out that was present in the graphic novel, thus creating more narrative clarity for film audiences, especially those…

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  • Identity Rhetoric

    theoretical significance of rhetoric and how we can use theories such as fragments to discuss the different narrative discourse that surrounds them. However, one is that interest me, that I believe can do with some unpacking is a comic book character’s role in rhetoric. Since the genesis of Marvel and DC the…

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  • Comic Books In High Schools

    citizens of the United States are firm believers on children becoming the future leaders of the nation. With this ideality in our society, a well-established education is a key factor to help the children. Comic books will lead them onto the path of success. Incidentally, comic books are often perceived only as a form of entertainment, rarely is it seem as an educational book. As we advance as a nation, more and more educators start to divulge into graphic novels and begin to see the educational…

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  • Comic Book Propaganda

    what extent did comic books function as propaganda in the United States during World War Two? Comic books to a great extent functioned as propaganda in the United States during World War Two. Propaganda is defined as “the organized dissemination of information or allegations to assist or damage the cause of a government or movement” , a criteria which the comic books of the era exemplify, with their deliverance of a strong pro-Allied, anti-Axis message, which served to both boost patriotism and…

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  • Jeremy Whitley's Princeless Analysis

    While glancing at comic book covers and inside the comic, it can give one a lot of insight as to what the comic book is about and the authors and or publishing companies’ values. It can be as simple as whether it is more cartoonist or realistic, colorful or dull, filled with lots of word bubbles or majority just art. It also can be more complex, such as the presence of females or African-Americans and how each is portrayed in comics. With the use of certain images and the style of art and…

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  • Compare And Contrast Graphic Novels And Manga

    Comics, graphic novels and manga can tie generations together, can start a trend or a give a group of friends a place just to hang out. And the store that houses them can make a difference. Going into a mainstream store as opposed to a smaller-in the hole-comics/graphic novel store is a bit different. For instance, you really have to dig deep within the comic locator or friends of friends to find these small-tucked in the corner of nowhere-places. The mainstream bookstore that I went to was…

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  • Symbolism In Bhimayana

    Another unconventional feature that the Gond art has introduced in Bhimayana is the use of distinctly shaped speech and thought bubbles. David Carrier, in his book The Aesthetics of Comics, says that the sequence of images in a comic strip or graphic novel constitutes a narrative which brings this medium closer to that of mainstream literature. The author asserts that, to analyze the narrative, the reader’s awareness about the ‘speech balloons’ is important. In Bhimayana, we find two types of…

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  • Comic Book Gender Roles

    faces not to be forgotten. I was in my early twenties when I read my first real comic book. I had grown up thinking that comic books…

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  • Literary Elements And Techniques In Chris Ware's Unmasked

    the five senses, and the attitude of the characters to tell how a woman is made aware of her father and her husbands affairs. The color scheme that a graphic novelist uses in his or her narratives go a long way in describing the setting and tone of the story. Ware uses a different color scheme for the two separate pages of his comic. On the first page of the comic, for instance, the colors are more bright and vivid; giving it a happier, more relaxed tone. Ware uses a bright panel when he…

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  • Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic Analysis

    “[It is] tempting to suggest, in [recollection], that our family was a sham. That our house was not a real home at all but the simulacrum of one, a museum. Yet we really were a family, and we really did live in those period rooms.” (Bechdel 17) These words of Alison Bechdel perfectly describe her family. Bechdel may not be widely recognized, however she did introduce the uniqueness of her book to the world as a tragicomic. As the writer and artist of this tragicomic, she only shows what she…

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