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  • Stolen Setting

    “Smile at a stranger. See what happens.” -Patti LuPone. In the novel, Stolen by Lucy Christopher, the main character Gemma does indeed smile at a stranger, but things take a turn for the worst, and she ends up getting drugged and kidnapped by a man called Ty. The novel mostly takes place in the middle of the Australian outback, where Ty takes Gemma, so she wouldn’t be found. The main theme of Stolen is that not everyone is who they say they are. When Gemma first met Ty little did she know that he knew a lot about her. Although the book was interesting at times it was an okay book because the characters were somewhat realistic, the setting was believable, and the ending was interesting. Gemma and Ty are believable and realistic characters. When Stolen first started I immediately started to imagine myself as Gemma. Lucy Christopher does a great job at describing Ty when you first meet him, “Those blue, blue eyes, icy blue, looking back at me as if I could warm them up. [...] All the good guys have baby blues. The dark eyes are for the villains … the Grim Reaper, the Joker, zombies. All dark”…

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  • Essay On Outback Steakhouse

    I can help you solve that dilemma. Outback Steakhouse is a family friendly restaurant with a variety of delicious courses. I think that Outback is a place for everyone (yes, even vegetarians) not only to find delicious food to stuff yourself with, but also to hang out and talk with family and friends. I have been to many steakhouses on multiple occasions, but Outback Steakhouse remains my absolute favorite. One thing that can affect how much someone enjoys a steakhouse it the interior; the…

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  • Essay On Prospera And Outback

    Similarities and differences of the Outback & Island of Prospera In the movie Walkabout the setting is mostly in the Australian outback. The outback is depicted as a desert, extremely hot, flat for miles then hilly for a little bit, but there is still signs of life. The movie the Tempest takes place on the Island of Prospera the island is dark, gloomy and dry there is some life there but not much. In this paper I will be compare and contrasting the outback in Walkabout with the Island of…

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  • Summary: The Outback Steakhouse Breakout

    On October 1st I worked the closing shift at The Outback Steakhouse. The owner of the restaurant was the front of the house manger, which just means he was the manager who stays with the hosts and interacts with the customers. If anything was to go wrong with the customer’s food and they wanted to speak with a manger he would be the one to speak with them. Every Friday and Saturday night we have five hosts working. Two hosts will help servers bus tables (only if it is busy because that is not…

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  • Faux Outback Research Paper

    It is no secret that the Blooming Onion – and its delicious sauce – are among the star attractions at the Outback Steak House. Kentucky Fried Chicken guards its “eleven herbs and spices” recipe secret closely. And there are many of restaurants with hundreds of mouth-watering recipes that draw their customers back time and time again. What if you could create the same tasty recipes at home, with no the hassle, driving time (and gas), and cost of going out to the restaurant – and what if you could…

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  • Subaru Marketing Case

    and money. One of the very important aspects of a product’s success is marketing. The marketing team decides who’s going to buy the product (in this case, it’s a Subaru Outback), but first they must conclude who their marketing base is — before it even gets to you — and sometimes, that can be a challenge. But first, or during marketing, manufacturing takes place. And manufacturing a car is no simple feat. Subaru (Parent Company: Fuji Heavy…

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  • Personal Narrative: Outback Steakhouse

    My girlfriends came in town this week. I was so thrilled because I needed a break from school and work. I needed time to be with people who always know how to make me laugh and remind me to relax and take a deep breath. My girls and I went to Outback Steakhouse to wine and dine. It was on a late weeknight, so they're not a lot of people in the restaurant. I did not hear much, but the chefs and the waiters speaking faintly in the background. The music was also playing in the background. Our…

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  • The Outback: A Fictional Narrative

    The outback is a crazy place but not for Mason. Mason is a madman he does crazy things like jumping from a plane with no parachute or doing back flips on top of skyscrapers. Mason is always bored there was nothing out of his comfort zone. But one day Mason had an idea. Mason wanted to destroy the record for the fastest time crossing the desert, the record was set by an Australian man at twenty-six hours and 45 minutes and trust me that is fast. But he wanted to demolish that record he wanted to…

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  • Outback Steakhouse: Article Analysis

    Why I chose this article? Growing up I had always wondered why children are so picky when they are at a younger age. Having served in a restaurant for over three years now, I would always come across the children who only get chicken nuggets and french-fries – which is a high majority of them. It always crosses my mind of “Why are children so picky all of the time?” There are the occasional kids who come through and order some of the strangest things -one time I had a parent and two twin girls…

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  • Australian Culture

    music and dance styles. Australia has many different components that make it up like the outback, education, and culture. There are ways that someone can tell the type of culture that a country has just by listening to the type of music that is playing. Australia's culture is a very old culture. They are known widely for their creative arts. The Sydney Opera House is a big part of Australian culture. It puts on operas and different types of creative arts performances. Australia's…

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