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Steak is sold everywhere, but steakhouses are in high demand. Some people can’t decide which place would be the best, I can help you solve that dilemma. Outback Steakhouse is a family friendly restaurant with a variety of delicious courses. I think that Outback is a place for everyone (yes, even vegetarians) not only to find delicious food to stuff yourself with, but also to hang out and talk with family and friends.
I have been to many steakhouses on multiple occasions, but Outback Steakhouse remains my absolute favorite.
One thing that can affect how much someone enjoys a steakhouse it the interior; the decorations are entertaining to look at, and if you bring along kids you can walk around the restaurant with them, looking at the different animals that they have on display.
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My dad had to reorder three times because they over cooked his stake each time.
Though that was unfortunate, they had the head manager come out and give us a free ice-cream sundae and didn’t charge for his meal. If they do get something wrong they didn’t get snippy or lose their temper, and they do something to counter the annoyance of having to wait and extra 15 minutes.
That leads me to the topic of their employees. I have to be honest, they do a great job. All of the staff have huge smiles and are very sweet tempered despite the loud children screaming and crying. They give the kids little coloring books, and if the kids don’t have all the colors they wanted they always bring out another box with a different selection.
My little brother had his first brain freeze at an Outback, our waitress brought him some candy and told him some tips about how to get rid of brain freezes. One downfall they have is the fact that they don’t come to check on you enough. You run out of water and suddenly you have to wait 15 minutes for them to come around and refill

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