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Analysis on the Fast Food industry of South Africa.
There are many fast food companies in South Africa that consumers enjoy joyfully. The main food types are pizzas, burgers and chips. Chips are the most common meals that South African love, who enjoys a fast food meal with chips? Hardly nobody does, unless it is pizza.
The two franchises or companies that I will be focusing on are Steers and Debonairs Pizza. Although the two companies are different and sell different kinds of products, they have a big impact on the fast food industry in South Africa.
Steers is not only just considered as the best burger restaurant in the country, but it is the leading burger brand serving 100% pure beef and has won the Leisure Option Award for best
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The following SWOT analysis is used to analyse the Fast Food Industry of South Africa based on Steers as a brand:
Strengths: Weaknesses:
• Fast Services: including food deliveries and duration minimising waiting time to for customers
• Good quality of food: serve 100% pure beef meat and only flame grilled, not fried.

• Poor communication: Because of the fast services, the cooks might be misled by the cashiers concerning the orders.
• Poor leadership skills: The store managers should make sure that clear communication is portrayed and should lead by
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This is good because consumers can enjoy their meals and surf the net for free. • New entrants: There are new competitors in the South African industry selling burgers such as Burger King. Although it is a well-known brand, it has only been in South Africa for a few years (3 years) therefore it is still seen as a new entrant.
• Inflation: due to the high inflation, Steers might have to increase their prices to cover costs of production.

Debonairs Pizza:
Debonairs Pizza is also one of the brands of Famous Brands and has achieved the “Readers’ choice awards for best pizza” for the past ten years. They have over 400 franchise restaurants internationally and locally. Debonairs is also known for their fast-paced deliveries and great innovation on how to please customers with different bases of pizza.
According to the article published in 2014, 5 of SA’s best performing home-grown food franchises, Debonairs is the number one pizza franchise in South Africa and holds a 3.6% market share in the fast food industry.
The following SWOT analysis is used to analyse the Fast Food industry in South Africa based on Debonairs Pizza as a

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