Outpatient commitment

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  • Kendra's Law Case Study

    state, but also took into consideration their past history whether violence had been an issue or not. This program allowed for individuals to fight their case and refuse the mandatory intake of their medications. Another difference between these two programs the evaluation of the amount of times an individual required hospitalization due to the failure to comply with treatment. While the Pilot program only evaluated hospitalization over eighteen months, the Kendra law evaluated over a period of thirty-six months. Kendra’s law placed a significant value on the hospitalization, regardless whether the hospitalization had a direct association with the mental illness or not. This would jeopardize individuals who wouldn’t truly require outpatient commitment and take a toll on their everyday…

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  • Ethical Implications Of Community Treatment Order

    Community Treatment Orders Community Treatment Order (CTO) as a form of mandated outpatient treatment is well established and exists in several jurisdictions in various forms all over the western world. Its concept and practice has generated considerable debate and scrutiny with polarizing views. It presents a case for treatment as a right versus as a choice, and begs the question of whether there can be a balance freedom or coercion for the consumer. In this paper I will provide an overview…

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  • Why Commitment Is Important

    When you make a commitment, especially one to yourself, you begin to strengthen your mind in ways that opens new possibility. Without cutting corners, no excuses, and no games. Once you look at the overall picture of what you seek to achieve within your life, you gain what is called “tunnel vision” which, nothing seems to be impossible. However, if your focus is on getting through the day, and thinking about what’s for dinner, just passing this semester only in college, or getting any job then…

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  • Supportive Work Environment

    procedures to follow in case of a situation such as that, the training sometimes is neglected or forgotten since it’s not a frequent event. I knew that I had to first quickly locate the other leaders and quickly develop a plan. Once we all were on the same page, I had to communicate with my staff and get them on the same page. I also had to trust that the other leaders would do the same with their teams. I made my team aware of my expectation and informed them of their role in the situation…

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  • Effective Personal Characteristics

    Challenging Personal Characteristics The personal characteristic that is most challenging for myself, especially currently, is a commitment to self-care. Due to the rigors of full-time employment, graduate school, children and parental responsibilities, often times my well-being is the last considered. Corey, Corey, and Corey (2010) made it clear that self-care is not something we have to attempt to engage in, but it is something we are ethically required to do as a counselor. Working with the…

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  • Online College Student Characteristics

    Characteristics of a Successful Online College Student To be successfully at anything you do requires commitment to the overall goal, willing to invest time to the goal and the desire to achieve the goal. Whether attending college the traditional classroom way or attending online college the student vision of the future must be clear. When I decided to return to college, the force that was driving me was to make a better life for my son and I. That is the reason I feel why a lot of students to…

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  • Special Interest Groups Argument Essay

    addressed some of the identified problems from the studies aforementioned with additional issues addressed in the report by the Inspector General’s Office. For service providers the need to provide best practice and quality service is utmost importance and within the Social Work field an ethical adherence to the NASW code. As such, there needs to be an increase rather than the decrease in available psychiatric beds, however, simultaneously there needs to be an increase in community outpatient…

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  • Commitment And Job Satisfaction

    attitudes of employees. In this case, an employee was very clearly dissatisfied with her position at the bank showed it through her behavior and attitude. Her complaints ranged from the laissez-fair attitude of our then manager to the work itself. It took a while for her to exit and I believe the organizational commitment dimensions give some understanding as to why. Robbins and Judge describe each of the following commitments: affective, continuance, and normative. I…

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  • Prison Industrial Complex Case Study

    Module 9 Reading Response Introduction and Questions due November 14, Midnight (4 points) From the Lecture: 1. What is the Prison Industrial Complex and how does it generate profit? Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) is private industry that run prisons by using a business model. PIC’s main goal is to generate as much profit as possible. That explains the ongoing expansion of prison. It is not different than any other hotel chain business. PIC generate profit from the prisoners. They receive…

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  • Mental Health Legislation In The NWT

    Journal Activity 3.2: Mental Health Legislation in the NWT Similar to other jurisdictions across Canada, the Northwest Territories (NWT) has its own mental health legislation which describes how residents with mental health challenges can be supported. Among other things, the legislation determines how to care for individuals who may require voluntary or involuntary admission to a mental health facility. In the NWT, the mental health legislation has undergone recent public review. By October…

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