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  • GM Foods Rhetorical Analysis

    The informative speech I gave on Wednesday about “GM Foods” did not go better than I expected that I could have done because I felt time pressure to organize a verbal outline as closer to written outline. On the topic “GM Foods”, my rhetoric was mainly to inform audiences about negative impact of GM foods on human health. The most difficult part of this informative speech for me is the topic selection. Going through the struggle of finding the topic of large public/audiences interest which can lead to audience inclusion and positive public discourse, I finally found the topic of public concerns/interest but doing research on the topic found all controversial proposition and opposition to the arguments of positive and negative impacts of GM…

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  • How To Write A Reflective Essay On Communication And Proficient Writing Skills

    less nervous habits such as running my hand through my hair or examining my hands. Overall I find when giving a presentation, I do not do all of the distracting and unflattering things I shouldn’t do and find I myself doing more of the professional things I should be doing. Though I still struggle, I have learned, observed, listened, and practiced and I am well on my way to becoming a proficient and exceptional communicator. I have always been a grammar and punctuation freak because I had train…

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  • Importance Of Creating Good Content In Just Twenty Days

    I’ll get to the reason why on Day 3. But I do like to make notes of what I hope to write. You don’t have to use complete sentences here, words will be suffice. For example, your outline may start out like this: Intro: Importance of content Stat Accountability As you can see, I have three points I wanted to make in the introduction of this blog. I used this outline when writing. If you are using information from someone else’s blog, make a note to attribute the writer and website here. You…

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  • My Informative Speech: My Importance Of Speech

    used the parallel form I believe that I had a lot of solid information and was able to oral cite my sources as well as trying to keep the audience interested. On the other hand, my delivery was not the best I could have done. I stood in the same place for most of the speech and looked at my outline a lot. In the future, I need to work on being more comfortable and moving around more when giving my speech. Also, I am going to try to not add as many words onto my outline. I feel that if I can be…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Online Class

    I really did not know how to set up a speech properly. It was great to learn how to use an outline to set up a speech and use it as a guide to state my points. Previously when I spoke I would try and memorize every single thing I wanted to say which ended up setting me up for failure. The first speech in this class I ended up trying to memorize exactly what I wanted to say after I had written it all out. I then ended up reading directly off my paper, which wasn’t what I wanted to accomplish.…

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  • Personal Reflection On Group Meetings

    At the start of the project, I created a Google Doc for the project outline and wrote the topic headers for it. In terms of outside research, I was the one who researched, found, and contacted Professor Susan Epstein from Hunter College to speak. This turned into a tedious process that resulted in about 20 emails being sent back and forth between her and I. Despite the difficulties I had in getting definitive answers from her, I was fortunately able to get her to come in to speak. Additionally,…

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  • Personal Speech Assignment Analysis

    Compared to the personal speech assignment, I felt the informative speech, in general, is a more challenging assignment. Since it basically combines a research paper and a speech, it was very time-consuming to finish all the requirement, especially it was in the midterm period. But after all, I found a way to balance the time to finish this assignment and gave a effective speech to the class. And I found myself gradually gain experience and confidence in the speech class. Based on the previous…

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  • Too Many Names By Pablo Neruda

    theme that is pervasive in Latin American literature is the lack of individuality. A lack of individuality often causes stress and unease, resulting in some level of conflict. Latin American authors use person versus self, person versus person, and person versus society conflicts to develop their theme of lack of individuality. The most common type of conflict…

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  • Self Esteem In Jean Twenge's An Army Of One: Me

    The assertion of the needs and the wants of the self has significant correlation with one’s self confidence. A low self esteem is something that is terrible in every sense and can keep one from reaching their true potential as a person. Inversely, too much self esteem is something that can have just the same if not more damaging results. As one’s self confidence begins to increase, it leads to the narcissism within everyone to be brought up. In author Jean Twenge’s passage, “An Army of One: Me,”…

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  • Personal Experiences And Relationships

    Relationships, with one’s self and others can be a source of great satisfaction, inclusive learning, and often a place of profound depth as well as a deep, heart opening experience. I maintain that the connection with one’s self, taking into consideration the fact that we have been fully programmed by our family of origin, our society, religion and culture, is the first and primary relation that impacts all others. I maintain that if we are truly inner-connected, meaning we are aware of our…

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