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  • Overseas Filipino Workers Case Study

    Sector: Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) Slogan: MODERN DAY HEROES CHANGING MINDSETS: BE FINANCIALLY LITERATE Slogan Explanation: Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are claimed to be the country’s modern day heroes because of their contribution to the economy, they provide strong remittance inflows in the Philippines’ ailing economy. The number of OFWs who worked abroad at anytime during the period April to September 2015 was estimated at 2.4 million and the total remittance sent by OFWs was estimated at 180.3 billion pesos. (Philippine Statistical Authority). However, many OFWs face financial problems, often employed in poor working conditions, and suffer family separation. A Filipino who desires to work overseas purposes when he or she is…

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  • The Dark Body

    The bias society we live in often finds it necessary to hide the truth in order to maintain possession of a certain group. In the articles, “Hyper-sexuality of the Dark Body” by Siobhan Brooks and “We Don’t Sleep around like White Girls Do” by Yen Le Espiritu, the author exemplifies the theme of sexual oppression and how that has ruined the reputations and lives of colored women. The authors have taken their perspectives into account to show how much of a damage society has put them through.…

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  • Essay About Pililipino Street Festival

    different cultures and not just Filipinos’ that helped me not to feel constrained. The queue to buy the tickets was quite long. When I arrived to the Bayou Center, I decided to walk a little and take a look at the tents, because there were about twenty of them; in each carp they were offering different products and foods. Seeing people in so many carps offering different products and accessories I connotatively considered the festival as a bazaar. While I was walking, there was a stage where the…

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  • Importance Of Lifestyle In The Philippines

    Today the american population in the Philippines is actually growing. About 500,00 americans have settled in the Philippines to enjoy the lifestyle and a different way of living. Visiting the Philippines is beautiful and at the same time enriching. Reminding us that not everything has to be technological. We live in a day and age where everything we do has to do with technology. Whether we have to make a phone call of order our groceries online. The Filipinos have found a way to thrive and keep…

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  • Bangsamoro Case Study

    Philippines is a country composed of different regions; which are inhabited by different people with different cultures. There are the Tagalogs, Pangasinenses, Cebuanos, Kapampangans, Bicolanos, Warays, Hiligaynons, Zambuangeños, Ilocanos, Surigaonons and the Moros (Wikipedia). It is a common knowledge to everyone that these groups of people live together as Filipinos in peace and harmony, but there is one ethnic group that wishes to have its own government. The Moros or Bangsamoro people are…

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  • Mexican American Traditions

    Impact on schooling & education. As Filipino American’s are more likely to speak English, their successful access to and achievement within the U.S. education system is greater than that of Mexican American’s. Important Traditions Filipino American traditions. Many Filipino American traditions center on family and Catholicism such as Misa de Gallo (series of nine Christmas mass) and Noche Buena (grand family Christmas Eve dinner after midnight mass). Other traditions and cultural themes…

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  • How Does Jannine Affect Filipino Culture

    immigrated few years earlier than she did. Jannine is Filipino and her religious affiliation is roman catholic. According to Jannine, her religious affiliation does not affect her food habits too much. In an other hand, Filipino culture does greatly affect Jannine’s food habits. However, since Philippines is a predominantly roman catholic country, a lot of Filipino cultures either have Christian root or influence by Christian. During the interview, Jannine…

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  • Philippines Assimilation

    of their adopted country. Filipinos were required to participate in the American social-economic system to survive in a new economy. The second process deals with “social reproduction” of the Filipino national minority in Hawaii. In 1978, the U.S assimilation was polarized along racial lines on the assimilation of “non-white” immigrants. The United States called ”non-white” immigrants in Hawaii since of there were many ethnicity, which eventually presents as an “imperfect” assimilation into…

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  • Leslie Marmon Silko's Short Story Ceremony

    Ceremony By: Leslie Marmon Silko Ceremony is set after World War II but the stories within the book come from mythical past to the 1920. The stories set in the United States on a Laguna Reservation and the myths told are somewhere in the Philippines. Ceremony is written in third person limited and you are limited to Tayo’s emotions. However, the poems incorporated in the novel are first person. Which make the reader have to elaborate on what the others feel. The use of poems in the other…

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  • Filipino Culture By Trask

    Evidently, Filipino veteranos are World War II veterans who did not received their benefits as promised by the U.S. In particular, this denial largely affected the Filipino American community, as many of the younger generation see themselves as second-class citizens who are not respected in…

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