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  • Drug Abuse In Canada Case Study

    essay is to analyze pharmaceutical drug abuse within the United States and Canada. For the reason that I am unaware of the ‘war on drugs’ within Canada and want to find similarities and differences within statistics of pharmaceutical drug abusers within each nation. What is pharmaceutical drug abuse? It is when you ‘abuse’ a medication that was received from a legal doctor, essentially misusing it for other purposes such as reducing side effects from another drug, getting high from the drug, or taking the prescription to an excessive extent. When you are abusing prescription drugs, you are taking the medication in a sense that will alter your perception, mood or other physical factors, basically to get a ‘high’ off…

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  • The Dangers Of Prescription Drugs

    prescription drug or prescription medication is a drug that you get from a pharmacy or some sort of a professional medical source to be dispensed. In this society it is very easy for young teens to get their hands on prescribed drugs without a Doctor 's consent, this is because there aren 't many rules on prescription drugs. People get the drugs from sellers that they know such as family, friends or a person on the street . People also use them for many reasons such as wanting to fit in, lose…

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  • The Effects Of Ecstasy

    Ecstasy which is an illegal street drug also referred to as a designer drug binds with the serotonin transporter that affects the brain. When ecstasy is introduced to the body, it recognizes it as serotonin and ironically the serotonin transporters absorbs ecstasy more easily than it does serotonin. While ecstasy…

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  • The Effects Of Substance Abuse In The Workplace

    Substance abuse occurs everywhere at home, outside, and at work. Substance abuse is a pattern of harmful use of any substance for mood-altering purposes (T.B.). Some of the substances are alcohol, drugs, prescription or over-the-counter medicine, and smoking. I’m going to talk about how the substance abuse effect work place, and how should business stop substance abuse. Regardless of the size of a business, it is still necessary for owners, managers and directors to be aware of the effects of…

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  • The Dangers Of Herbal Supplements

    because they want to stay healthy, lose weight, gain an edge in sports or in the bedroom, and avoid using prescription drugs” (Regulations). Back in the day, Ancient Chinese and Egyptians have done writings about plants to…

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  • 6 Essential Facts You Need To Know About Weight Loss Medication

    Weight loss medication, also known as diet pills or anti-obesity drugs controls or reduces weight by regulating the absorption of calories. Weight loss medications are available as Over-the-Counter drugs, prescription drugs and herbal supplements. Prescription drugs are FDA regulated. These drugs are issued strictly with a doctor’s prescription, the doctor also closely monitor’s their use. Certain weight loss prescription drugs with Scheduled stimulants are regulated by the Drug Enforcement…

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  • The Effects Of Pharmaceutical Drugs On Pregnancy

    Pharmaceutical drugs are defined as drugs prescribed by a doctor or bought over-the-counter (OTC) for medicinal purposes. In relation to pregnancies, prescription and OTC drugs can affect pregnant women and their child in positive and negative ways. These pharmaceutical drugs have helped women maintain health conditions and aid in overcoming the discomforts a pregnancy brings, yet have the potential to cause harm to the fetus. Studies have been rather limited in both their research and results,…

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  • Arguments For Marijuana

    can reduce short-term memory, alter one 's sense of time, and reduce concentration and coordination.” (“Drugs of Abuse—Origins, Uses, and Effects: Marijuana” 2011.) “They believe it messes with your metal state of mind. A lot of people think that it does not relax you at all. In fact, Research shows that, “Some effects of marijuana use can include feelings of panic, anxiety and paranoia.” (“10 facts about Marijuana” 2014.) However, these symptoms are only temporary. These are basically the two…

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  • Pharmaceutical Drugs Effects

    The Effects of Pharmaceutical Drugs on Pregnancies Do the benefits outweigh the risks that affect both mother and child? Word Count: Effects of Pharmaceutical Drugs on Pregnancies Pharmaceutical drugs are defined as drugs prescribed by a doctor or bought over-the-counter(OTC) for medicinal purposes. In relation to pregnancies, prescription and OTC drugs can affect them in both positive and negative ways. They have helped women maintain health conditions and aid in…

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  • The Career Of A Community Pharmacy

    management programs. A community pharmacy is a healthcare facility that focuses on providing services to a single specific community within an area. A community pharmacist is usually responsible for dispensing and distributing medicine to their patients. They work to ensure that different treatments are compatible for the patients’ condition by checking dosage and ensuring that medicines are correctly and safely supplied and labeled.1 Community pharmacists work in a variety of environments,…

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