GM Foods Rhetorical Analysis

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The informative speech I gave on Wednesday about “GM Foods” did not go better than I expected that I could have done because I felt time pressure to organize a verbal outline as closer to written outline. On the topic “GM Foods”, my rhetoric was mainly to inform audiences about negative impact of GM foods on human health. The most difficult part of this informative speech for me is the topic selection. Going through the struggle of finding the topic of large public/audiences interest which can lead to audience inclusion and positive public discourse, I finally found the topic of public concerns/interest but doing research on the topic found all controversial proposition and opposition to the arguments of positive and negative impacts of GM …show more content…
I definitely have to change quite a few things to make my performance at least good if not the best in future. Among them, one thing I definitely need to change is “practice” giving a fair amount of time to develop a good memory until it reaches the point of perfectness while presenting or delivering. “Practice makes man perfect”-universal quote triggered into my attention now. I believed I had fairly good voice tone/volume, my non-verbal communication like gestures, body language, and eye contact wasn't bad. Similarly, I used a word fillers approach to cease fast flow of speech delivery to adjust with audiences’ conceiving capacity/ability and keep up the connection. I clearly passed messages on what I am going to inform audiences i.e. set speech purpose, and separated speech major parts developing main points. I also attempted engagement with audiences by asking questions to make them feel they are articulated in the conversation/discussion as the vital component. All of these things are my strengths. Certainly, these aren’t enough strengths to make a speech the best. Reviewing self-presented video going through it a few times, I found out supporting materials were missing, sub-points were not clearly mentioned, and proper transitions were not made to maintain the chronological flow of information. Also, I found out that my use of language to express speech ideas were not as effective as it should be. These are definitely areas for improvement for the next speech

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