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  • Essay On My Practicum Experience

    White’s were willing to take time to teach me and allow me to experience every aspect of a local Mom and Pop home-style restaurant. The White’s would grant other interns to opportunity to work for them in the fall, spring, and/or summer because they would appreciate the extra help. However, they are getting older, and they are thinking about finally closing or selling the restaurant and retiring; therefore, the opportunity for other interns may not be available. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. White, and Angie White, their daughter, are the only full-time employees. Angie also owns a landscaping business; moreover, as needed, a few of her landscaping employees work in the restaurant as dishwashers or busboys. For example, Sarah may work five days as a dishwasher while Charlie may work three days as a busboy in addition to their landscaping duties. These landscaping employees could receive more training enabling them to perform other jobs within the restaurant; however, they were hired as landscapers, not waiters or cooks; hence, they are not interested in receiving further training. Periodically, Mary hires high school students to work on Saturdays and during the summer; consequentially, one of these students may elect to become a full-time employee and learn all aspects of the restaurant business. The next advancement for Mr. and Mrs. White is to finally close or sell the restaurant, retire, and start to enjoy life. Angie’s next advancement should be to quit at the restaurant and…

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  • Mama Rojas Research Paper

    Redrock Canyon is probably more formal if I would say so Mama Roja is formal, but also a Mexican restaurant not a typical Mexican restaurant though. Mama Roja and the red canyon, sometimes have long waits to be seated down, especially in an event like mother’s day and father day. Though, this restaurant are both alginate. This restaurants is places people usually go to celebrate something like a birthday party obviously not for kids, anniversary, and business meeting or if not just a place…

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  • Welcome To Dine At Olive Garden In Holly Springs With My Community

    Service Paper First of all the full service dining restaurant I choose to dine at was Olive Garden in Holly Springs with my family. When we ate dinner there it was a Friday night around seven pm it was pretty busy when we walked in and there were people sitting inside and outside waiting for their names to be called. The service started out great; there were three hostesses standing behind the host counter and they were all wearing black shirts and pants as their uniforms. They all had smiles on…

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  • Analysis Of The Waitress By Billy Collins

    Although many of Billy Collins’ short poems feature a first-person perspective, readers should not necessarily assume that the voice belongs to the poet himself. Indeed, at times, Collins speaks in the voice of a distinct character whose experiences and thoughts reveal a specific situation and crisis. In “The Waitress,” for example, the speaker’s observations indicate that he dines out often enough to recognize the behaviours common to restaurant servers, but the detail of his description…

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  • Star Service Analysis

    Star Service My past host parents from when I was an exchange student invited me to a restaurant called Square 1 Burger and Bar. They opened about two weeks ago in downtown Winter Park. Usually new restaurants are disorganized, employees have no idea what they are supposed to do, and the managers are frequently unsure of their business structures as well. I was not expecting too much, but since it was a restaurant a friend of my host parents recommended I was hoping for a good experience. From…

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  • Fogo De Chao Brazilian Steakhouse Analysis

    Eating is something all people need to do in order to stay alive. What they choose to eat is entirely up to them. Some choose to be vegetarian only eating plant-based products while others choose to dive into delicious and savory meats. Fogo De Chão Brazilian Steakhouse located on N. Scottsdale Road and E. Lincoln Drive is a restaurant to go when craving the non-vegetarian lifestyle. Vegetarians who are willing to venture out of their zone for one night would be the hardest audience to convince…

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  • Female Waiters

    In many restaurants today numerous people can see that there are more waitresses instead of waiters. “In other words, waiting on tables is defined as typical ‘women’s work’ because women perform it and because the work activities are considered ‘feminine’” (Hall, 329). Why? Why is this position considered something that only women should be preforming? I think that waiting on tables and being a server has been considered mainly done by women for a long period of time based on the research that…

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  • Characteristics Of A Restaurant

    Each restaurant that you have ever been to has its own personality and aspects to its personality that make it unique. The small, homey café down the street is obviously not going to have the same feel as the chain restaurant where the waiters purposefully insult you for fun. Despite their differences, successful restaurants continuously draw people in because of their good food, pleasant atmosphere, and surrounding area. Although the food is the main attraction at a restaurant, those other…

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  • Personal Narrative: An American Restaurant

    It’s five o’clock sharp when I walk into the restaurant, embracing the warmth of the heaters and the mix of chatter overpowering the sounds of the grill and coffee machine. The warm lighting from the light fixtures hanging above every table sets the tone for large gatherings and romantic date nights in contrast to the mix of Spanish and indie pop music that plays together in harmony. Customers gather around the counters, trying to put in the last orders to the cashiers, as the workers starts to…

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  • Cheesecake Factory Research Paper

    The Cheesecake Factory Do you like delicious food and great dessert? If you do then the cheesecake factory is the place for you! The cheesecake factory has a wide variety of delicious food and cheesecake. The environment is great, it is very family-friendly. The service is excellent! The prices are also very reasonable. You can eat it at any time of the day! The cheesecake has so many plates for you to choose from. There is anything from sandwiches to burgers, salads to pastas, and seafood to…

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