Mexican cuisine

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  • Fajitas Research Paper

    Fajitas are a favorite around the world. Many people order fajitas at their favorite Mexican food restaurant. However you may be surprised to find out that they are not a traditional Mexican food. In Spanish the word fajita translates to English as "belt" or "girdle" I I can't think of any Hispanic people making themselves belts or girdles for dinner. My own such family would be insulted that one would assume this is truly an authentic dish. Never the less they are continually sold at many restaurants labeled Mexican. It really makes more sense, that it would fall under the category of Tex-Mex. You see Tex-Mex food is a blend of Texan Cowboy food and Casual Mexican food. This is often referred too as panchero food. Casual food such as an American…

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  • Essay About Mexico Environment

    Roman Catholic. Mexican diet contains relatively high intakes of legumes and dietary fiber; it also was high in cholesterol. Contrary to our hypothesis, those consuming the traditional Mexican diet pattern had high BMI and waist circumference values, which did not differ significantly from other groups. Commonly used foods in Mexico include Refried beans (frijoles refritos) is a dish of cooked and mashed beans and is a traditional staple of Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. Another Mexican food…

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  • Personal Narrative Restaurant Analysis

    I had the pleasure of eating at the Rio Mirage restaurant in El Mirage, Arizona a week ago on Saturday, October 3rd 2015. From the outside, the restaurant does not appear to have much to offer. An orange painted stucco building with a couple of plants, and a parking lot in need of some repair. Upon entering the restaurant it has the feel of traditional Mexico which includes, brick lined walls with traditional Mexican artwork and color schemes. A comprehensible view of the Rio Mirage restaurant…

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  • Mexican Food

    Mexican food does not taste good unless it is made at a Mexican home because of all the detailed work they put into preparing the meal and the love that comes with it. The food always tastes different when it is made from scratch instead of going to get them made at restaurants which are more of a commercial production. I eat tortillas at every meal and there are tortilla shops at every corner, especially here in San Diego, California. These shops have big machines that make tortillas all the…

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  • Mexican Cuisine In Planet Taco, By Jeffery Pilcher

    introduction and creation of Mexican Cuisine and its transition to the Globalization of Mexican food. The book begins in an overview of the tracing of Mexican cuisine in South-Western Mexico, running back to Spanish conquistadors, Creole Patriots, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Jeffery Taylor then goes on to display the birth and importance of Maize in both Mexican Cuisine and world history. Taylor then goes on to talk about the importance of these northern borderlands of Mesoamerica. Taylor…

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  • STAFF And Characteristics Of A Bartender

    Diners will have the option of purchasing specialty salsas, and guacamole appetizers as well. Our steaks and fajitas will sizzle throughout the restaurant as the well trained staff deliver these enticing dishes to our diners. Appetizers will range from $10.00 - $16.00. Our salads, featuring organic ingredients will range in price from $6.00 - $9.00. Our freshly made soups will range in price from $6.00 to $9.00. Our steaks will range in price from $25.00 - $45.00 while our seafood dishes will…

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  • Descriptive Essay On El Emperador

    El Emperador is a restaurant where people come together to enjoy some authentic Mexican food. El Emperador is a Veteran family-owned joint, that has been in business more than a decade. This restaurant has delicious food, amazing service and also great resonable prices. The restaurant is known for amazing taste in Mexican food. They have a variety of food from soups to everyone favorites the tacos. The dish that I tried was the recommendation by the waiter that was taking our order. The Item…

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  • Cultural Traditions And Injustice In Hispanic Culture

    Cultural traditions are found in many households. In Hispanic culture, tamales, corn-based dough wrapped in corn husks filled with meat, are regarded as a holiday treat. Usually, tamales are made twice a year for Christmas and New Year’s. A traditional tamale recipe consists of several steps, and can take two days to get to. The process includes prepping, preparing, and steaming. The process begins with prepping the meat, and will take place on the first day of this two day process. When making…

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  • Venezuela Research Paper

    This food uses many ingredients including onions, garlic and sweet peppers. Corn is also a common food that is eaten in the area and is often used to make foods like pancakes. Certain foods and their ingredients are important to Venezuela because it allows them to carry on traditions. For example, a poplar/national dish of this country is pabellon criollo. This food is often plated to resemble the nation's flag, it's the most patriotic dish. Steak (usually flank) gets slow-cooked and pulled…

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  • Chile Cuisine Research Paper

    Chile Cuisine Chile is a country that is in the South American Continent. Most of the population is white/ Non indigenous. The main language spoken in Chile is Spanish as well as there also being other languages spoken other than Spanish such as English and other languages among the people that are indigenous to the country. Chile is home to many different kinds of foods that originally originated from Chile with the help of their influences such as immigrants that bring their ideas and…

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