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  • Art Song Recital Soprano

    d’amour, Op.27, No.1 by Gabriel Faure were Carol Szwei and Will Jordan. Carol Szwei was the singer and she is a mezzo soprano. Will Jordan accompanied her and played the piano. The students who performed “If Music be the Food of Love” composed by Henry Purcell were Emily Skoutelas and Diana Zorin. Emily Skoutelas was the singer and she is a soprano. Diana Zorin accompanied her and played the piano. The Art Song Recital at Hunter College consisted of twenty different art songs in English, German, French or Italian. Out of the twenty art songs I chose my favorite…

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  • Essay On Midnight In Paris

    Every story has a purpose; the main character has a goal to reach and to do so they must go through a trial to suppress. Though it is often noticed that the character doesn’t recognize their full potential until they are on their journey. In the movie Midnight In Paris, Gil’s aspirations are shown in the beginning credits. The movies overall setting is defined but the protagonist 's goals, needs, and wishes are also presented. The movie also identifies the ideologies of the protagonist and of…

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  • The Threat Of Exile In The Wife's Lament

    Anglo-Saxons took exile seriously; the threat of exile alone caused much anxiety among the individuals of that society. To be exiled means to be kicked out, or banished from one’s homeland, which would result in having no companionship. Because exile is something the Anglo-Saxons took very seriously, one had to commit a crime in order to be exiled. If one were to commit a crime Anglo-Saxons would resort to execution, unless the crime was not serious enough. If the crime was not serious…

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  • Tyler's Emotional Journey In Remember Me

    Whether it be in a book or movie, in every story there is always a journey. A journey takes a character in a different direction than he or she was originally were going. Journeys can be physical as well as emotional. An emotional journey is exactly what the main character of the movie Remember Me goes through. In the movie Remember Me, the main character, Tyler Hawkins, goes of a personal and emotional journey. After getting into a fight with his father, Tyler and his friend from college go…

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  • What Is The Difference Between Departure By Sherwood Anderson

    An adventure is always something that makes me smile, especially in car rides with my family and we have the chance to explore famous and important monuments. I remember one time, my family and I were in a car ride that took 16 hours to reach our destination, but the best thing about it was that we visited the White House, looked at some D1 colleges, and just had a good time. The two main character experience the same thing, but in different and opposite sceneries, one character is leaving home…

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  • Comparing When It Changed And Colin M. Drysdale's Last Flight Out

    Set in a time when the end of the world became reality Joanna Russ’ When It Changed and Colin M. Drysdale’s Last Flight Out each described a society where an outside force changed the way the society was established. Although the characters in both stories were presented with challenges such as being unwanted in a one gender based society, being threatened by an unforeseen group or being scarified for the greater good both Mankind from planet Earth, the women from planet Whileaway and the pilot…

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  • Quest In Their Eyes Were Watching God

    The first chapter in How To Read Literature Like A Professor is based on the vital knowledge of how to identify a quest based on a series of given details. The author, Mr. Foster, starts off by telling the reader to picture a young boy running an errand for his mother. He then builds on the plot by giving a few details of his teenage life, such as the girl he likes, the boy he despises, and the dog he escapes from. This misshapen short story seems like it might not go anywhere, but this is when…

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  • Withlacooche River Analysis

    In the gator-ridden waters of Florida, a river tour guide gets entangled with the smuggling and sale of powerful synthetic drugs. BRIEF SYNOPSIS On the Withlacoochee River, RONNIE WAYNE WAINWRITE (38) attempts to flee from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission and takes them on a wild chase with his airboat. They eventually arrest Ronnie for selling wild alligator hatchlings. In jail, he meets PANCHO LOPEZ who tells him about how he killed a large gator in the river. Ronnie…

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  • The Sopranos Sequence Analysis

    The video I have picked for this assessment is the television title sequence for HBO`s series named “The Sopranos” created by DAVID CHASE in 1999. I`m going to talk about the video’s basic content and context, its key formal elements, and analyse its construction of meaning. The beginning to every episode of The Sopranos starts with the view provided of HBO`s own branding; A screen full of static appears and the disappears to reveal their logo. The sequence opens with the view coming from the…

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  • Jaws Film Analysis

    The movie Jaws is a classic film which follows the “typical” film structure. Looking at the precise layout of Jaws, it fits with Blake Snyder Beat’s. The reason the Blake Snyder model is effective, is due to how many beats it contains. Fifteen beats doesn’t make it difficult to comprehend, along with extreme pinpoint accuracy. Combining the simplicity of the film structure along with the model, it’s a perfect combination for learning. The film starts off with the Opening Image, giving the…

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