Personal Narrative Restaurant Analysis

I had the pleasure of eating at the Rio Mirage restaurant in El Mirage, Arizona a week ago on Saturday, October 3rd 2015. From the outside, the restaurant does not appear to have much to offer. An orange painted stucco building with a couple of plants, and a parking lot in need of some repair. Upon entering the restaurant it has the feel of traditional Mexico which includes, brick lined walls with traditional Mexican artwork and color schemes. A comprehensible view of the Rio Mirage restaurant which serves fine Mexican cuisine with friendly service, an inviting atmosphere, and cultural tradition can be understood through the reviews of myself, Google review contributor Sue Lantz, and Yelp contributor Brad S.
Typically the first person you
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FRESH authentic really great food! I had #5, the chile relleno and tamale combo, and days later I 'm still thinking about how good they were! Look forward to returning!” (google review). I appreciate how she was so excited about the #5, she recommended it to others. I believe there is a good chance she has been a repeat customer. With so many reviews on Rio Mirage, it is easy to conclude that this restaurant is liked by many.
If you are looking for information on a restaurant I find consumer reviews to be insightful. Good quality food is important, however, great customer service can make or break any restaurant experience. Restaurant owners and servers alike are aware of the power of internet reviews. Online reviews have become so important to restaurants and business, I have been told that, many employee reviews include online reviews. It is often said that you should not judge a book by the cover. This holds true for Rio Mirage in El Mirage. Don’t be afraid to try it out and experience if for yourself. I hope you will find your experience to be much like mine and embrace the inviting atmosphere, cultural tradition, with friendly service, and delicious Mexican

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