Qdoba Persuasive Essay

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Food is such a large part of our world, its the reason we are alive. It has the power to bring us together no matter what part of the world we are from. In Corvallis, food is abundant no matter what street you turn on in town. Anything from your average american burger to sushi to vegetarian thai food, you can find it in town. I for one am not one who 's easily convinced to try new and foreign foods, but when I find something good I cant help but share it with my friends! I have always gone to Chipolte for burritos whenever I felt so inclined, that was up until I discovered this beautiful place called Qdoba. Qdoba is similar to Chipolte, but also has very distinct ways of setting itself a part from the national power house restaurant. A welcoming atmosphere, good friends, and even better food are what makes the Corvallis Qdoba the best late night option in food. Before I came to OSU I had never even heard of Qdoba, up in Portland all we ever had were Chipolte’s. This changed the moment I stepped foot on campus freshman year. I had so many people the first week of school say, “Lets go get Qdoba!” that I just had to find out and see for myself what made this place just so great in the eyes of the students. On the way walking to their location on Monroe, my friends and I passed by the Chipolte …show more content…
A warm tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, hash browns, queso, shredded cheese, and your choice of salsa comes together to make you question why you 've ever eaten breakfast any other way. Each bite comes with an explosion of flavors that you wish would never end. Nothing is more perfect than finding a great food joint that has the ability to service all your needs from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its rare to find a restaurant with its own spin on so many different dishes americans have come to love over the years. Qdoba is an amazing rendition of a company on the

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