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  • Northern Insurance: An E-Business Strategy

    widespread adaptation of e-business as an effective strategy. Additionally, e-business not only promises to expedite the work process, but also to make it cost-efficient (Chatterjee, Segars, & Watson, 2006). Therefore, Northern Insurance implemented an e-business strategy by making a huge investment on the Technical Underwriting Financial System (TUFS) (McKeen & Smith,…

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  • Jackson National Life Case Study

    This is because many of Jackson National Life’s competitors have been in the insurance business for a long time. The solution to this problem is that Jackson National Life needs to come out with new and innovative products that the consumer wants. Jackson National Life needs to make sure that their products are efficient (meaning that it is at the lowest cost it can possibly be while still making profit), effective (meaning that their products will have the most value possible for the…

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  • The Importance Of Digital Technology In The Insurance Industry

    The traditional processes that have characterized the insurance industry are fast changing due to technological innovations (Equinix Inc, 2014). Distribution has expanded to include different channels between the insurance companies and customers. Internet and mobile devices are the new sales channels. However, they have a small market share with reference to premiums. Sales are still dominated by agents and brokers among other intermediaries. Despite this, the data on e-commerce insurance hide…

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  • The Traveler Companies

    The Travelers Companies is in the insurance industry. Insurance is a means of protection from financial lost. There are two major categories within the insurance industry: business and personal. Within, each of those categories are many sub-categories. I work in workforce optimization within the business insurance section of Travelers. Business insurance insures business from one employee – thousands of employees. Examples of personal insurance are auto and home-owners. The insurance industry…

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  • The Importance Of Whole Life Insurance

    like superheroes, insurance companies can protect you from loss by covering your assets. Insurance carriers around the world provide service to policyholders, guaranteeing coverage to both businesses and homeowners. In order for a company or family to be insured there must be a viable risk in order to provide service. These elements incorporate a large number of insureds, no counterfeits, accidental loss, financial burden, affordable and calculable insurance, no catastrophes, and pure risk only…

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  • Home Insurance Case Study

    know and what information to prepare before buying insurance for your business. It really isn 't hard to be ready for this important decision, if you take simple steps, like assessing the risks you face for your particular business, working with a reputable agent who knows your industry, and making sure you get enough coverage. Your insurance should be affordable and cover a risk your business can 't afford. One comparison would be a homeowner buys insurance to protect his home from fire,…

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  • Personal Essay: Why Insurance Is Important To Me

    Why Insurance is Important to Me My life is always going through stages. This also includes my money. Either it is growing or its going. My life and my money are always going through some risky events . I have to have that protector when risk presents itself. So I appreciate the invention of insurance. It was made to be a protector of all the things I treasure the most- my life, family, auto, home, etc. It is inevitable how much money plays such a major role in the events of our lives. It is…

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  • Examples Of Hidden Gaps

    poisoning, deliberate act of sabotage or natural disaster can easily destroy the most careful of businesses. Independent insurance agents frequently discover that their restaurant insurance packages have hidden gaps that expose their clients to risks. Even if these perils never become major financial burdens, the fact that they exist could…

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  • Cyber Risks Of Cyber Insurance

    Cyber insurance is a relatively new product that is becoming more and more important because technology has become an integral part of our society and day-to-day operations. As a result, cyber coverage is available from numerous insurance providers and is fairly inexpensive to purchase. Cyber risk coverage started in the late 90’s because people believed that “Y2K” would affect the stability of computer and data systems across the globe. These policies will help the insured recover losses from…

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  • Free Rider Case Study

    1. Case study: Public Finance Principle: The Free Rider Problem The free rider problem is when an individual or entity allows others to pay for a benefit or service they enjoy without paying for it themselves (Rosen & Gayer, 2014). The topic is Health Insurance. In the article Duska concludes that there is an unclear notion to the right of health insurance (Duska, 2008). There are millions of people that do not have health insurance, and some of them do not, as they chose not to purchase it…

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