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  • Welcome To Dine At Olive Garden In Holly Springs With My Community

    Service Paper First of all the full service dining restaurant I choose to dine at was Olive Garden in Holly Springs with my family. When we ate dinner there it was a Friday night around seven pm it was pretty busy when we walked in and there were people sitting inside and outside waiting for their names to be called. The service started out great; there were three hostesses standing behind the host counter and they were all wearing black shirts and pants as their uniforms. They all had smiles on their faces and waited patiently to greet who ever walked through the doors. Each host made eye contact and welcomed us as we walked up by saying “welcome to Olive Garden how are you all this evening?” Then the host proceeded to ask “how many people…

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  • Analysis Of The Waitress By Billy Collins

    His use of the term “pivots” (2) suggests that her movements are efficient and mechanical rather than natural, and that she spends no more time than is necessary at his table. As he repeats three times that she smiles at him, he conveys the sense that her smiles are automatic and part of her waitress persona rather than indicative of any genuine pleasure in his presence. He also mentions that she brings him a menu, brings bread in a basket and refills his wine glass, actions that she has no…

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  • Personal Narrative: An American Restaurant

    every table sets the tone for large gatherings and romantic date nights in contrast to the mix of Spanish and indie pop music that plays together in harmony. Customers gather around the counters, trying to put in the last orders to the cashiers, as the workers starts to shift the restaurant from counter to table service. I am a waitress at Soho Park, an American restaurant known for its burgers and fries. Located two blocks away from Broadway on the corner of Prince and Lafayette Street, it is…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Red Lobster

    finally agreed on Red Lobster. A restaurant whose slogan is “where we see food differently”. Being an establishment that prides itself on serving fresh seafood and excellent service every guest should expect this when choosing them as their dining option. However, upon entering the Erie Red Lobster, you are welcomed by a cliché atmosphere, compiled with service that lacks hospitality, and food that has poor quality. As soon as we walked through the door we were greeted and put on a wait. The…

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  • Group Observation

    Reaction Paper: Kids Incorporated In-Service Meeting In this essay I will give my reactions to a group meeting that I attended using the Group Work Theory. I will focus on the small sub group that was formed that I observed. For that I will review the strengths of the leader of the meeting, skills that were used in the group setting, and what stage I felt the group was in. I will also cover cultural and ethical issues that occurred in the meeting. Finally, I will review the meeting and the…

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  • Cattle Farmer

    The results of analysis on table 1 presented the demographic characteristics of cattle farmers in the study area. A large proportion were male (95.9%) than the female (4.1%), which is an indication that male participated more than female in the awareness and the use of crop residue urea feeding technology. The findings also revealed that majority (40 – 50 years) of cattle farmers are in their middle ages which implies that age was an important variable as it reflects the physical strength for…

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  • Case Study: You Are What You Eat?

    Starting in October of 2015 I was working with a registered dietitian by the name of Susan Lang, who works at ShopRite in Flemington N.J. The first volunteering opportunity had been to help Susan with a project that was not related to the real service learning, but to her own job responsibilities. Nevertheless, I was asked to stand at a display table and hand out various assortments of healthy store made salads, to ShopRite associates, and given a short script to discuss the taste of each…

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  • Mr Richard Jenkins Narrative

    Mr. Richard Jenkins attended the eight o’clock service at his local church every single Sunday. Each week without fail, he sat in the third row, looking carefully polished, just as he had the Sunday before that, and the Sunday before that, and just as he would next Sunday, too. His jacket was clean and pressed, his shoes had been polished until they were gleaming, his bowtie had been tied perfectly around his starched collar, and his hat was placed neatly upon his head. He was clean-shaved, his…

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  • Natalia Gonzalez: A Short Story

    line to get lunch, but realized that all of the tables were taken and they might have to eat outside in the 80 degree weather. Natalia and her friends go outside, but some of those tables were also taken and it was way too hot to sit outside at the table that was in the sun and was being attacked by a dozen of blackbirds. Natalia and her friends walk back in and notice that there was a table near the entrance of the cafeteria that were getting up to leave, so Natalia and her friends hurry to the…

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  • Monologue Of Thomas

    Thomas stands up. THOMAS So it was you! You really called the- JACKIE But I continue to give you opportunities to change. (She looks at him). This is the last one. Thomas, surprised beyond measure about what he heard, sits back down. JACKIE I’m pregnant…and yes, it’s yours. Can’t be anyone else’s. Thomas leans back and puts his hands behind his head. Jackie begins to inaudibly weep and it goes unnoticed to Thomas as she purposely controls it. Thomas leans up and slaps his knees…

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