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  • Facilitation Reflection

    topic. So by doing this, I am able to assess my client’s needs and level of knowledge so I can adjust my ways of facilitation. And sometimes when I interact with clients during the workshop presentation they feels they are included into the discussions so they don 't feels is a lesson. But I also learned that some clients learn best when they are taught in traditional ways and other clients prefers when you disgust about the topic between us. Therefore, during my workshop facilitations I have always included both styles of facilitations so none of the clients were left out and the clients can always learn the things they need from the workshops I presented. looking back into the group counseling course that I have learned, I known that facilitator is the leader that organizing the topics, monitoring the process and directing of the discussion that is going on between the group members. Through the group counselling course, I have developed and learned to be comfortable and relaxed in front of a group. Therefore, when I facilitated the workshop at YMCA, I was able to use the techniques I had already known into my workshop presentation. And I believe that the group counseling course has prepared me well for the workshop that I facilitated. For example, I have learned to always have a welcoming opening and always provide a relaxed atmosphere where the group members feel save when they share their experiences. Now every time I facilitate the workshop, I always gives a good…

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  • Forming Stage Of Group Analysis

    stage was to identify goals and the purpose of the group, select members, and to meet with co-facilitator…

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  • Schizophrenic Anonymous Group Model

    The group continued but when the individual returned, the facilitator took a break from the topic the group was discussing to address why the person left. The individual did not want to talk about it but did when the facilitator pressed. The individual became triggered by the actions of another individual in the group and opted to take space. This led the facilitator to discuss how individuals are responsible for their own actions and that the manner in which one reacts cannot be blamed on…

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  • Psychoeducational Group Therapy Case Study

    CIAITION). The psychoeducational group therapy begins with session one; rapport building and trust. In the session group members will establish ground rules, review expectations, program overview and ice breaker. The objective is this first session is to get the group members aquatinted. They will learn the importance of coping skills for anxiety in children and adolescents. Create an atmosphere of trust between group members and with the facilitators. They will outline what anxiety looks like…

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  • Case Study: Food Recovery Group Meetings

    The group was planned out both before the group took place, the leaders/facilitators came together and decided what topics would be discussed. There was planning also done throughout the meeting, the group decided on and planned out important decisions for future events and planned when the next meeting will take place. The planning is also an ongoing process for the group; the group must continue to plan out the topic points for future meetings and the plans for future events. Direct/Indirect…

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  • Awareness Of Violence Study Guide

    communities are a big help to families. Script for Lesson Plan One Facilitator: Explain what violence is. Facilitator: Violence causes pain and hurt towards a person. Violent acts can harm women, children and in the family. Facilitator: Violence is when someone purposely tries to harm another human being physically and mentally. Facilitator: You will prepare for presentation. Facilitator: Gather materials. Facilitator: You will need a Big Screen. Facilitator: You will need a Screen…

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  • Transference, Trauma Case Study

    member uncomfortable due to the manner in which they responded or lack thereof. The facilitator appeared to be trauma informed and how information was presented seemed to keep the group members safety in mind when talking. The facilitator offered understanding statements and assisted the individuals in processing emotional data. The facilitator did not force individuals who were not ready to participate and did so without being dismissive. In understanding the effects of trauma on an…

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  • Group Facilitation Reflection Paper

    Yet, I ultimately learned that I was not just a facilitator, I was also part of the group, I trusted my peers and the feeling seemed reciprocal so there was nothing to fear. Essentially, I now feel ready to incorporate theory and feedback from my seminar group into three main areas of group facilitation: addressing silent members, summarizing main themes throughout the discussion, and exploring similarities between the members of a group to enhance universality and cohesiveness. Overall, I…

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  • Danielle's Situational Leadership Model

    Leadership. During our fifth meeting, Danielle was the designated facilitator. She began the session with a “diversity activity”, where she asked each of us to share a personal fact about ourselves. When each of us began sharing, I observed each member becoming fully engaged in the activity when disclosing personal interests, describing their families, or even sharing their favorite food. I believe this was not only effective, yet also necessary. Considering Rita and Hamida had previously…

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  • Facilitating Sexual Orientation Paper

    Appropriate behavior will be addressed by the leader such as active listening, respect, empathy to other members and appropriate disclosure of personal information and encouraged to be adhered to. Defining one’s personal goals they wish to achieve by the end of the sessions will facilitated by the leader. As the action phase starts, sexuality issues will begin to be addressed actively but the facilitator will be responsible for opening and closing the meetings. The responsibility of providing…

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