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  • Plague In Zambia Case Study

    Luangwa valley, where outbreaks occurred in Tembwe village in Chama district, Mukomba village in Lundazi district and Chief Nyanje in Sinda district; the Southern zone, which includes Kabulamwanda and surrounding villages in Namwala district and Western zone which includes Chitokoloki in Balovale (Zambezi district) in Zambezi plain (Fig 1, Table 2). 3.1. Eastern zone 3.1.1. Luangwa and Lundazi outbreaks According to available information, the first reported plague outbreak in Zambia (then Northern Rhodesia) was recorded in this area in 1917, and it involved 96 cases and 93 deaths (Case Fatality (CF) =96.8%). The outbreak occurred at Tembwe virizi village (11o20 'S, 32o57 'E) in the North of the Luangwa valley in Chama district (Fig 1). This was followed by another outbreak in 1918, which reportedly involved 59 cases and 57 deaths (CF=96.6%). Of these cases, 33 (55.5%) and 26 (44.1%) were females and males respectively. Concurrently, during the plague outbreak, there was epizootic among local house rats (Rattus rattus) and increase in flea population,…

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  • Salmonella Agona Case Study

    First Step Background In 2008, an investigation was launched by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) to explore the causes of a Salmonella Agona outbreak that affected individuals in multiple states. Although 8 people were hospitalized as a result of an infection, no people died from the outbreak (Center for Disease and Prevention, 2008). This outbreak highlighted the ways in which CDC, FDA, and other governmental agencies collaborate to solve a…

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  • Similarities Between War And Disease

    Urey, a student, in response to the Ebola outbreak has added to this metaphor by stating that “[Liberia] just finished fighting a war, and now we have another one.” In other words, he is agreeing that disease and war are one in the same. While war and disease have hidden similarities on an infected society such as the deconstruction of social order it also builds and puts legal and medical institutions front and center in response…

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  • SEIR Model Case Study Of Measles

    influence the resulting outbreak patterns associated with the disease. Through several case studies conducted by Earn, Rohani, and Bolker, it is revealed that higher birthrates typically indicate a cyclic pattern in measles epidemics, while lower birth rates combined with high vaccination rates result in irregular patterns (Earn, Rohani, & Bolker, 668). This phenomenon was especially apparent in the United States during the Great Depression when birth rates were low, and thus the epidemic of…

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  • Outbreak Analysis: Measles Outbreak

    Measles Outbreak Measles is a virus spread by sneezing and coughing droplets which are micro in size. The virus is highly contagious. It is estimated that contact with an infected individual will result in 90% becoming infected if unvaccinated. The virus is still present for up to two hours in the air or on surfaces after the occurrence. Individuals who are affected by the disease are primarily unvaccinated or have not had the required doses. The vaccine became available in 1963. Measles in the…

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  • Zika Outbreak

    The Pan American Health Organization have put out a few recommendations to combat the Zika outbreak. The organization suggests reducing and eliminating any mosquito breeding site on your property. Related to this, people should close off their homes to mosquitos. Such methods include using window screens rather than an open window with no screen. Also, the PAHO recommends sleeping under a mosquito net to prevent bites while you are asleep. Visitors to areas with a Zika outbreak should wear…

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  • Cholera Outbreak

    Recognizing, Ending, and Preventing Cholera Outbreak Cholera is a bacterial, diarrheal disease particularly rampant in developing countries where water sanitation is lacking. The focus of this paper is primarily on cholera’s outbreak history and disastrous effects on populations. This paper also discusses varying solutions that have been implemented in numerous countries with a focus on vaccine use in Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world with a turbulent history, versus long-term…

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  • Ebola Outbreak

    Ebola: a word that for many triggers a somewhat distant memory back to 2014 when the whole world was up in arms about it spreading and becoming a pandemic. This incident of outbreak in West Africa shows how far we have come as a world, technologically and medically, but also how far we still have to go. The severity of the outbreak was completely avoidable, however due to the disregard of certain factors not usually associated with disease, such as cultural practices, it became an epidemic. In…

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  • Foodborne Outbreak Investigation

    As a field investigator, I conduct interviews and record observations to construct a overview of event ouccurences. Before starting the interviews and observations I had to ensure I had proper scientific knowledge about Salmonella and the apparatus needed to complete an investigation (Key Players in Foodborne Outbreak Response, 2015). A microbiologist, another team member, studies bacteria such as Salmonella and will help be a consultant on how quickly the illness will spread, and who is at risk…

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  • Choolera Outbreak In Haiti

    I. Introduction The cholera outbreak in Haiti has claimed the lives of over 7,000 Haitians and has sickened over 470,000 since the 2010 earthquake.1 An effective program that Haiti should consider is using a mass vaccination of a new and inexpensive oral cholera vaccine called Shanchol, which has been successful in Odisha, India.2 II. Body of Paper A. The emergence of cholera in Haiti was initiated by a number of existing problems. There where two national disasters that struck Haiti between…

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