Salmonella Agona Case Study

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First Step
In 2008, an investigation was launched by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) to explore the causes of a Salmonella Agona outbreak that affected individuals in multiple states. Although 8 people were hospitalized as a result of an infection, no people died from the outbreak (Center for Disease and Prevention, 2008). This outbreak highlighted the ways in which CDC, FDA, and other governmental agencies collaborate to solve a multistate outbreak.
Issues and Additional Information The outbreak occurred as a result of an infestation at a production plant of Malt-o Meal, a wheat puff cereal company, in Minnesota. One of the ways that this pattern was detected was after
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Sixth Step
Activities to Achieve Solutions
A direct way to ensure that these recommendations are followed is through policymaking and lobbying. One of the reasons why these two aspects are involved is because politics play a crucial in public health because they affect funding for community programs and can implement new guidelines for manufacturing plants.
Some of the stakeholders would be politicians, state governments, leaders in manufacturing plants and communities. There are several stakeholders because this issue needs for interdisciplinary movement building and collaboration.
In order to achieve this goal, there should be a set date for when improvements should be made. A goal that seems practical is 2025. By 2025, a convening should be held where various scientists, politicians, and community members discuss the progress that has been made.

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