Comment On Food With High Attacking Method Of The Food Experiment

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Question 9. Comment on your results (2 points) Based on my calculated result the food with high attack rate were macaroni and cheese and egg salad. These food item should be the main focus while investigating this outbreak. Health inspector should inquire the caterer regarding the cooking and handling method of the food item, as well as inspect the farmer’s markets. The least concerning food item based on the calculation are the hot dogs and spinach salad. Although, several people have consumed these two food item, it does not look like the potential source of this outbreak. This indicates that the hot dogs were barbequed in the right temperature. This also ensures that all meat containing meal had been cooked properly at the right temperature.

Question 10. You are providing leftover samples of all food items to the laboratory. Based on this analysis what food item(s) should be prioritized at the laboratory and why? (2 points)
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The reason is because of the high attack rate for each food item. The egg salad had an attack rate of 66%, while the macaroni and cheese had 68%. This proves that most patient that experienced symptoms have consumed these food item at the event; and helps health inspector narrow down that these food item were the potential cause of this outbreak. Since both food item contains egg this shows that this ingredient could’ve been poorly stored or cooked; it is important that health inspector inspect the eggs from the farmer market. Also, the laboratory should be able to prove that the eggs use were or were not the cause of the

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