History of Liberia

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  • Present Day Liberia Research Paper

    your mother, and your siblings get away, but your father stays to fight. You are urged to keep going and in 3 days end up in Guinea. You are completely lost in what has happened, but soon you figure out that an uprising has occurred, your village is burned to the ground, and your friends and father had been killed. That is the road to Present day Liberia. The indigenous people of Liberia migrated around the twelfth and fourteenth century. They were made up of 16 different groups which are: “Kpelle (20 percent), Bassa (13 percent), Grebo (10 percent), Gio (8 percent), and Mano (8 percent). Smaller groups are the Kru, Lorma, Kissi, Gola, Gbandi, Vai, Krahn, Mende, Mandingo, Dei, and Belleh”. (“Republic of Liberia…”) From these tribal groups, there are 3 main languages: Mande, Kwa, and Mel. These 3 languages have many subdivisions to fit each tribe 's dialect. (“Liberia.” Countries…) The indigenous people also believed in animism which is, “non-human entities-such as animals, plants, and inanimate objects - possess a spiritual…

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  • Similarities Between War And Disease

    student, in response to the Ebola outbreak has added to this metaphor by stating that “[Liberia] just finished fighting a war, and now we have another one.” In other words, he is agreeing that disease and war are one in the same. While war and disease have hidden similarities on an infected society such as the deconstruction of social order it also builds and puts legal and medical institutions front and center in response…

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  • Pray The Devil Back To Hell Analysis

    Kenneth, Etty Weah Liberia’s white clad Heroines. Gini Reticker’s documentary film ‘Pray the Devil back to Hell’ chronicles around a group of fearless women who come together, putting away religious differences to work tirelessly to end a bloody civil war and restore peace in their country of Liberia. It revolves around the inspiring story of Liberian women who took on the Warlords and the regime of Dictator Charles Taylor during the civil war and succeeded in bringing peace to a once war torn…

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  • This Child Will Be Great Summary

    Ellen Johnson Sirleaf-This Child Will Be Great is a memoir and autobiography about Africa’s first woman president. Sirleaf was born in Liberia with parents who were apart of the common struggle that came from being part of a working class family in Africa. This memoir highlights the path it took from dealing with her parent’s hardship to becoming Africa’s first woman president. For Sirleaf it is important for all to know, that although she is from a lighter complexion her upbringing was no…

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  • Personal Narrative: My View Of Africa

    They are biased perceptions maintain throughout history so that Racism can continue to exist and so that certain people especially whites can maintain power. After everything I learned I couldn’t just keep learning by staring at a screen and so when my mom told me about this really great summer program called Tyree Scott’s Freedom School at a local church I was more than eager to participate. I ended up falling in love with freedom school and I went on to become an intern with other youth who…

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  • Blood Diamonds Research Paper

    Blood Diamonds Conflict diamonds are a great concern in Africa especially with the bloodshed they cause. Blood diamonds, or conflict diamonds, are jewels mined in Africa and sold by rebels to gain military force. This has been a tremendous problem during the different civil wars in some countries in Africa. However, they are now being used in Liberia at rates never seen before. These diamonds are usually mined in northern and western regions of Africa. In some areas, diamonds would be placed on…

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  • An Argumentative Speech: Why You Need To Visit Africa?

    want to catch a movie. c. According to three little-known beach getaways in western Africa by Alexis Grant west Africa has one beautiful beach is the greatest place to go to get some real alone time away from the city. You can go horseback riding with a trainer, go snorkeling, or kite surfing. And if you get hungry, there some local restaurants on the beach that serve seafood and cocktail. d. If you are looking for an adventure, you can go climbing in the mountain with an instructor. You don’t…

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  • Causes Of Underdevelopment In Sierra Leone

    countries, also because it would probably signify an end to the aid influx that comes from most of these countries to Africa. Rational would be investing in education and social programs in order to improve the population’s opportunities and reduce their vulnerability to poor living conditions. In the long-run, consistent investment in education will form a better equipped generation with potential to lead the country to better conditions. A country like Sierra Leone, with better educated and…

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  • Blood Diamonds: The Sierra Leone Civil War

    Charles Taylor a former Liberian President on May 30, 2012 was sentenced to 50 years in prison for aiding and abetting during the Sierra Leone civil war. The Special Court of Sierra Leone found him guilty on 11 counts of crimes such as terrorism, murder, and enslavement. Liberia and Sierra Leone Taylor was the first Liberian government official to be found guilty for receiving royalties from illegal diamond mines that were exchanged for armored weapons and utilities. The conflict or “blood”…

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  • Mighty Be Our Powers Analysis

    Protest in Mighty Be Our Powers When a war takes place, innocent civilians tend to suffer. More often than not, before a resolution is achieved, the circumstances worsen for the people. This was the case for Liberia, a country in Africa, that experienced a tragic civil war. However, with the help of an incredible young woman, Leymah Gbowee, the country was able to reform its disastrous state. In her memoir, Mighty Be Our Powers, Gbowee shows readers her perspective of the Liberian Civil War, and…

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