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  • Present Day Liberia Research Paper

    different, and even the looks due to the ancestors of the former slaves. These outsiders took on the name of Americo-Liberians. (“History of Liberia”) A man who was also a great influence to the colonization of Liberia was Jehudi Ashmun. Jehudi Ashmun became involved with the American Colonization Society, and sailed with other settlers to Liberia in 1822 in hopes of colonizing more land. He bought land from the natives, sometimes using force, around the coast and rivers knowing that he could gain wealth from trade off the canals. In 1825 tribal leaders agreed to trade land for tobacco, shoes, rum and other items. (“Jehudi…”) Jehudi’s efforts were short lived when six years later he became ill. In 1882, he returned to the United States only to die on August 25, 1882 at thirty-four years old. Even after Jehudi Ashmun’s death, the other settlers that had voyaged with him to Liberia continued to settle the land. Just as Ashmun had done, his colleagues were very violent in effort to gain land and once even threatened to kill a tribal leader if land was not given up to them. After controlling Liberia for many years, the American Colonization Society decided that Liberia was a financial burden and made them claim independence on July 26, 1847. (“The African American…”) The United States did not recognize their independence until February 5, 1862. The Americo-Liberians were mostly educated people and after being declared independent, decided to adopt the customs of their…

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  • Pan African Movement Essay

    throughout history whenever people of African descent have united they have become stronger, more intelligent, freer, and more prosperous than when they go it alone. United we have always been more secure from internal and external threats of all kinds and our material fortunes advance toward prosperity and beyond rather than just surviving by the skin of our teeth. The African Diaspora needs to continue to use vehicles such as the Pan-African Congress and OAU to continually discuss, highlight…

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