Ammonium nitrate

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  • How Corn Conquered America Summary

    to feed one hundred forty people. Hybrid corn quadrupled the yield of farmers from about twenty bushels per acre to about eighty bushels per acre. As yield grew and farmers grew more corn, prices dropped. In conclusion, (Write a one sentence summary.) In conclusion, the invention of tractors and other machinery has changed the face of farming for forever. III. The main idea of the “Turning Bombs into Fertilizer” is: materials from bombs, such as ammonium nitrate, is a main ingredient in farmer’s fertilizer. One fact or example that supports the main idea is after world war two, the government found a huge surplus of ammonium nitrate left over. Scientists in the department of agriculture had an idea to spread the ammonium nitrate on farmland as fertilizer, thus the government helped launch the chemical fertilizer industry. Another fact or example that supports the main point is chemical fertilizer was needed to grow hybrid corn because the hybrid corn seed requires large amounts of fertilizer containing ammonium nitrate to properly…

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  • Getting Fossil Fuels Off The Plate Analysis

    our society, without pouring those chemicals, the soil is useless. So much energy is put into producing crops now, it’s outlandish. Too many machines that require fossil fuels to operate are used to get food to your house. Here’s the long and ridiculous cycle of growing, processing, and transporting a crop: First, you drive an oil-powered machine to plow the area. Then you drive another oil-powered machine to plant the seed. Then you irrigate by using water pumps powered by electricity. Where’s…

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  • Ammonium Nitrate Research Paper

    Ammonium Nitrate: Oklahoma City Bombing Ammonium nitrate or NH4NO3 is “an odorless, colorless or white, crystal salt produced by the reaction of ammonia and nitric acid” that has become the cause of numerous fatal explosions and hundreds of innocent deaths (The Fertilizer Institute, pp. 1, n.d.). It is most commonly used in the creation of fertilizers. The original problem that led to the use of this chemical was the increasing population and larger demand for food which meant farmers needed to…

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  • Morenci Copper Mine Case Study

    They drilled holes 55 feet deep and 12 5/8 inches in diameter in a chevron pattern (like you’d lay out cookies on a cookie sheet). They took samples from each hole at various depths and sent them to the Assay lab for the contents of each to be analyzed. After that, blastmaster, Charlie “Red,” would come and analyze the hole and label it with the amount of ANFO to use. ANFO is a mixture of Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil. It is the same stuff that was used in the Oklahoma City bombing. To put the…

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  • Determining Soil Nutrient Levels

    Aim The objective of the experiment is to explore the process of simple analysis techniques and representative sampling in determining soil nutrient levels. Soil samples collected from Flinders Campus were used to determine their pH, salinity, ammonium, nitrate, phosphate, and nitrite levels. Introduction Unless there is a specific problem detected, the most common reason for undertaking soil analysis is to detect the levels of essential nutrients (Guo, 2009). The commonly analysed nutrients in…

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  • Dissolved Nitrates

    inconsistencies include light and ammonium as there is no historical data to compare it to. Discussion…

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  • Solubility Lab Report

    Solutions should be the cations of cupric nitrate, ammonium nitrate, zinc nitrate, calcium nitrate, aluminum nitrate, silver nitrate, ferric nitrate, and plumbous nitrate. The other seven solutions should be the anions of sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, potassium sulfate, sodium iodide, sodium phosphate, sodium chloride, and sodium chromate. Divide students into groups of two. Provide a bin of paper towels for the students to empty their well plates. Students: Obtain a pair of safety…

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  • Floridian Aquifer Essay

    Rising Nitrate Levels in the Floridian Aquifer The Floridian Aquifer is often referred to as the life blood of the state. With over 1,000 springs throughout Florida being fed freshwater from depths of up to 2,000 feet, no other aquifer in the United States can compare. Many of the aquifer fed springs, that once flowed millions of gallons of crystal clear 72-degree water, are now nothing more than algae filled mud holes. The aquifer is in peril, and one of the main contributors to the decline in…

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  • Rain Nitrates

    year the sky is full of gigantic grey clouds filled with rainwater. During those nine months there's usually a relatively constant amount rainfall covering Bothell. Many citizens who have been experiencing the phenomena of rain for countless years are unaware that there's a difference in rainwater from previous decades. The pH of rainwater has been slowly decreasing (becoming more acidic) due to pollutants in the air. Industrial areas that are releasing nitrates (NO3-) and sulfates (SO42-) are…

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  • Gunpowder Reaction Lab Report

    Question: Which amount of Sulfur(.25 grams, .5 grams, .75 grams, and 1 gram) creates the closest reaction with fire as the store bought gunpowder in terms of size of flame and the time duration of the flame? Knowledge Probe: The equation for the reaction of our gunpowder is 10Na NO3 + 8C + 3S → 2 Na2 CO3 + 3Na2SO4 + 6CO2 + 5N2. This shows that Sodium Nitrate is reacting with Carbon/Charcoal and Sulfur to form Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Sodium Carbonate, and Sodium Sulfate. In gunpowder, the…

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