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  • Americorps Case Study

    1. How did you become interested in the Resident Assistant Job? I first heard of this position while working with AmeriCorps National Civilian Corps. Many of the Team Leaders had previously been RA’s prior to their current leadership position. One of my goals is to become a Team Leader for AmeriCorps. So I felt this was definitely a right step in that direction. The RA position is quite similar to the Team Leader position. I was already an Assistant Team Leader for my teams, so I received some insight in the role of Team Leader. The Resident Assistant position can provide me with more leadership opportunity, professional development and networking and communication skills. Moreover, this position will help me get more connected with the campus and the school. I am a transfer/commuter student.…

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  • Americorps Reflection

    As a team leader for AmeriCorps NCCC, I hope to leverage my leadership experience to enable NCCC participants to achieve their goals for personal development while also achieving the desired goals of the program. I have experience in instructional, supervision, and executive positions that has allowed me to develop an effective strategy for promoting cooperation among team members. If given the opportunity to apply these skills, I believe that I would could direct a positive, constructive, and…

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  • Volunteers In Service To America (VISTA) Policy Analysis

    and in 1969 he signed a bill which established funding for VISTA until 1971. In 1971, President Nixon implemented a reorganization plan which combined VISTA, Peace Corp, and senior programs (Senior Companion Program, the Foster Grandparent Program, and the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program) under the ACTION agency. The purpose of the ACTION agency was to grow and expand volunteerism in the United States by having one independent agency working towards the common goal in an effort to make…

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  • Waldorf Education Approach To Learning Essay

    an Americorps program called CalServes near my community college in Santa Rosa, California. In CalServes, I was trained in literacy identification and education. I had twelve teacher recommended students I worked with during class periods twice a week. Many of these students were first generation English learners, and came from families that did not speak English well enough to teach their children to read. As someone who could not read myself until a late age, I understood how daunting a book…

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  • My Motivation At Central Washington University

    This past summer, I worked as a Resident Engagement AmeriCorps VISTA for Neighborworks Blackstone River Valley. This work has become a vibrant, central part of my life. Americorps solidified what I believe I want to do in my professional career, as I have gained invaluable professional experience in the nonprofit sector. But more than anything, I learned that there are engaged people that care about making a difference in the world, and that I want to be one of those people for the rest of my…

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  • Diagnostic Essay: Expressing An Opinion Analysis

    want to do, and getting an education to prepare for a career (Unigo, 2015). Students can look into companies that help to organize gap year fairs, can speak to representatives from different programs. After a gap year experience whether you work for pay, or volunteer this could put a student a step ahead of others when it comes to jobs after getting their degree. Whatever a student does after taking off a year, could help them decide what it is they want to study, if they were undecided about…

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  • School Psychology Personal Statement Sample

    Exclusion is so prevalent in our culture and in our history, and I believe that only by being inclusive can we truly address the problems within the education system. In order for me to be an effective leader in the schools, I must advocate for those that don’t have a voice or ownership in their educational experience. My work experience, though admittedly eclectic, has taught me that there is a basic set of skills that are applicable in any work environment. The skills that I have that…

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  • I Want To Be Considered For A Scholarship Essay Example

    In this role, it is my job to no longer be in the classroom-working daily with students, but now to lead a group of diverse individuals from all across the country. In their first year as Corps Members I coach members weekly in planning and implementing individualized small group academic interventions for 72 middle school students in Literacy and Math. I plan and facilitate weekly activities for members to improve competencies of communication, team leadership, execution to results and…

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  • Essay On Rehabilitation Psychology: Personal Statement

    deaf or hard of hearing that I may work with in the future. The deaf culture has always fascinated me, and is a very welcoming and unique community of people. Sign Language is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful languages there is. Growing up with my mother being fluent in American Sign Language taught me the value of appreciating and celebrating not only my culture but others as well. Volunteering has and is an important aspect of my high school career. My high school does not require…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Overcrowded Schools

    education is drastically dropping due to overcrowded classrooms, we need to hire more teachers and volunteers, let teachers spend one on one time with children, and open up more schools. Doing these things would help our growing generation of children not only get an education but also learn and understand what they are learning about. Not enough children are getting their education to the full extent that they could be. Children are just skimming their way through school and are not actually…

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