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  • How To Write A Reflective Essay On Service Learning Experience

    Service learning is a strategy of teaching or learning through community works which gives an opportunities to an individual to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. I believe service-learning opportunity was an opportunity for me to involve in the communities work. It was a secondary discourse community for me, as I had to learn to behave and work in a different society. I needed to do 15 hrs service learning for my English class. So, for my service learning I decided to mentor a student and volunteer at Lorenzo De Zavala middle school at Irving. It is a public school and non-profit organization. I applied to the school and did all my back ground check. They called me for meeting to discuss the schedule and appoint me my student whom I will be mentoring as well. Throughout the service learning hours, it was an opportunity to grow personally, develop academic learning, impact on the society and deals with challenges and achieves the rewards. First of all, my work in the middle school was to clean the library, reshelf the books, keep the books systematically, and push the book forward in a straight line. I also help Mrs. Bennett to distribute the A honor certificate and the A honor badge to the students who achieved an A grade so far in subjects. I also helped in parent center to arrange the papers and I helped to tell a story from the book to the life student. Life students are the one’s who are disable students. I was an…

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  • Mayor Career Goals

    prestigious law school in the United States. I understand getting accepted in a renowned graduate law school is difficult which requires high GPA and an exceptional LSAT score. Presently, I am in the dean’s list and I intend to pay more attention in my education in order to maintain a place in the dean’s list with a high GPA. Furthermore, I am preparing for my LSAT using planning, collaboration and attention to achieve my desired score. My parents work at minimum wage, and most of their money…

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