How To Write A Reflective Essay On Service Learning Experience

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Service learning is a strategy of teaching or learning through community works which gives an opportunities to an individual to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. I believe service-learning opportunity was an opportunity for me to involve in the communities work. It was a secondary discourse community for me, as I had to learn to behave and work in a different society. I needed to do 15 hrs service learning for my English class. So, for my service learning I decided to mentor a student and volunteer at Lorenzo De Zavala middle school at Irving. It is a public school and non-profit organization. I applied to the school and did all my back ground check. They called me for meeting to discuss the schedule and appoint me my student whom I will be mentoring as well. Throughout the service learning hours, it was an opportunity to grow personally, develop academic learning, impact on the society and deals with challenges and achieves the rewards.
First of all, my work in the middle school was to clean the library, reshelf the books, keep the books
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I helped to clean to library, manage the books and keep it systematically, but my biggest challenge was that I have very bad allergies from dust. Because of the allergy I was having a hard time to accomplish my job. On top of it, there were lots of shelves that I had to work with. But everyone was thanking me and that applause itself was a huge reward for me. I do like helping everyone, giving them suggestions and supporting them and always be there whenever they need me. But I never thought about mentoring someone, which was a huge challenge for it being my first time. Trying to get use to the environment was difficult, however its reward was worthy. Now, my student waits for me excited to meet me. And influencing someone 's life positivity is a huge reward. I think this will also be helpful in my career

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