The Importance Of Service Learning In Education

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Why Do Service Learning?

Service is a great way for a student to learn and experience good in communities. Service learning is a great way for a student to enhance their education and personal growth. What is service learning? Service learning is often used in our school system in certain classes to help students gain more than just the classroom knowledge. There is a balance in service learning. That balance is between the service done in the community outside of the classroom and the classroom goal and instruction. I was able to have a service learning experience of my own. In this opportunity that I had, I was able to reach out in the local community near campus. In my experience, I grew in character as a student and as a member in the
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According to an article posted by the University of Minnesota, students in service learning benefit academically, professionally, and personally (Benefits of Service-Learning). Some of the ways students benefit themselves are by increasing understandings of topics outside the classroom, gaining hands-on experience, and learning more about social issues and the root causes of those social issues (Benefits of Service-Learning). Students are also able to develop better skills in critical thinking and problem solving. By testing their skills and interests outside of the classroom, students develop new personal relationships and are able to connect with professionals and new networks of people (Benefits of Service-Learning). All of this can satisfy and grow a better urge for volunteering and service …show more content…
As mentioned in the article posted by UM, faculty benefit personally and professionally from integrating service into their courses by encouraging interactive teaching methods, which add new insight to discussion in the classroom (Benefits of Service-Learning). By doing so, teachers are able to promote students to apply themselves more, and become more active learners. In my service learning, I was able to have that hands-on experience. This helped provide an opportunity for myself to become more creative and become an active learner. In some classes, applying myself to learn was difficult, but through service-learning assignments, I gained new knowledge. This is true and capable for many students because teachers are able to apply and engage in different teaching and learning styles outside of the classroom. All in all, when the faculty and students work together so so, the community may benefit the most. New energy and new enthusiasm is spread throughout the community and public awareness can be spread. The community can become more educated about community issues and help prepare the youth to be tomorrow’s civic leaders (Benefits-Service-Learning). A big part of service learning is the bond and the networks that are built and made, and this builds a stronger and closer-knit

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