Reflective Essay On I Have Learned

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I Have Learned
This is my second year at Stephens College, but I just finished my first semester as an education major, and it was amazing! I started out my college career as a psychology major, but I plan to graduate with an education degree, and fulfill my dream of teaching children. Throughout this semester I have learned many different things about teaching that will stick with me my entire career. I learned about the teaching and learning process through the course work I was given, the time I spent in the classroom teaching lessons, as well as the times that I sat back and just observed the preschool and elementary classrooms. While going through the course work this semester I have begun to learn about the many different aspects of
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I did not know what these terms meant until this year, when I learned that formative is assessing everyday without a test or for a grade, while summative is an actual test that the students take for a grade but also allows the teacher to know where they are and how much of the lesson they actual learned. Both of these types of assessment can be used to help a teacher know where the class is and what he/she may need to go over again. I did not realize until I learned about this that I tend to asses the students or even other people everyday based on their performance of a specific task. Along with assessment and lesson plans comes technology. This idea is a bit of a struggle for me because I am not the best with technology, but I know to be a successful teacher and have successful students one must teach them how to use technology and I must be able to incorporate it into my classroom daily. Therefore, from this class I learned I need to use technology everyday, plan lessons based on my students and their needs, as well as assess my students through both formative and summative assessment. Another major aspect from the class that I have spent the semester working on and will continue to work on throughout my career is my teaching philosophy. After studying about this I was excited to begin writing mine, except I had no idea where to start or what to include. After looking at philosophies written by others and teaching/observing the children I finally figured out where to begin. I want my classroom to be focused on the students and their needs. So, when writing and editing my teaching philosophy throughout my career, I plan to focus my beliefs around the students and bettering their

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