My Writing Reflective Essay

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Writing has been my talent since grade school; I couldn’t sing, or dance but I could write, or so I thought. Then, I entered high school and realized that writing required a lot more than it did in middle school. The brisk pace and advanced comprehension skills required for my English three AP course caused my grades to suffer. I have struggled with college level essay writing tremendously, but through hard-work I have been able to write with more ease and finesse than ever before. At the beginning of this school year, I had trouble with all of the main essays written in this course: rhetorical, persuasive, and synthesis. After reviewing my early writings, I have realized that I really struggled with rhetorical essays, mainly identifying …show more content…
This task sounds suspiciously similar to that of a persuasive essay, however I swiftly learned that the synthesis factor comes from the writers usage of the articles to support his or her claim. I immediately realized that my counter-claims did not properly support my essays (this problem would arise again in persuasive essays). In order to solve this problem I went to my fellow classmates, asking for help and tips, which proved very useful for the future synthesis essay’s I wrote. While my counter-claims had faults, I consistently used superb vocabulary which drew some positive feedback to counter-act the negative. Furthermore, I excelled in providing strong points to support my argument. Presently, I feel the only issue I have with this essay comes from time management, which I am making efforts to remedy through …show more content…
In an effort to explain a topic I over explain becoming repetitive, achieving bulky sentences, and wasting valuable time. I have learned and experienced the fact wordy sentences can make the reader disconnect with your point, ending your argument 's impact. I have reduced this issue, however, it still remains a problem. While I have strong examples, great diction, and advanced sentence structure overloaded sentences distract readers from this point and will definitely cause my papers to loose valuable points. In order to get rid of this hindrance I will attempt to keep my sentences in future essays concise, with only the necessary essay helping information. I will also practice this

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